Infegy Atlas: Hoisting The World of Social Analytics Onto Its Shoulders
March 20, 2015

Infegy Atlas: Hoisting The World of Social Analytics Onto Its Shoulders

Evan Dunn | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Infegy Atlas

We use Infegy Atlas on behalf of clients, which means that it is leveraged to solve a variety of business problems. One of the main ones is creative development (a.k.a. message development, message testing). This competes for priority with market research (demographic analysis, consumer insights) and PR (sentiment analysis, brand monitoring, reputation management) for top spot in terms of most-desired application of social listening technology.
  • Sentiment Analysis. Infegy excels at sentiment, and is perhaps (in my opinion, PROBABLY) the leading social listening technology in this capacity. There may be better sentiment engines in existence (Bitext, perhaps) but they do not offer solutions for ingesting the data, especially not at the scale that Infegy does. And they certainly don't scan hundreds of millions of websites for you.
  • Demographic Analysis. These guys have gotten REALLY clever with their demographic capabilities. For example, they build out a sample size of discoverable US zip codes and calculate the median income, family size and education level of your audience based on census data. Brilliant. They also provide gender distribution over time, which is pretty rare - haven't seen it in any of the other 15 tools I've demo'd and used. And age estimates, topic and sentiment by gender, and more.
  • Historical Data. Most tools let you only go back 2-2.5 years. Infegy Atlas lets you go back to 2007... Incredible! They've been collecting, harmonizing and storing the data since then, which not only gives you such broad scope, but also incredible speed.
  • Speed. The data is returned within seconds. It's insane. Even billions of mentions.
  • It's a little buggy sometimes, but 90% of the time it's great. This is an issue they're aware of and are working on.
  • The query interface is awesome except for past queries you've entered. Other tools, like NetBase, have a much better system for tagging and sorting past queries so you can save them for projects. Infegy is working on this as well, I'm told.
  • Like any space that is constantly changing, they are behind in a couple areas - such as minute-by-minute analysis (which Brandwatch can do), and integration with other major platforms that are non-US-centric, like Weibo (which Brandwatch has), and more sentiment-ready languages (Infegy has 6, NetBase has 9). But in every other factor they are far ahead.
  • Hugely, intensely positive. We have gotten introductions to very large businesses courtesy of the data provided by Infegy Atlas. CMOs and Digital Directors at huge PR/advertising agencies, finance corps, pharma groups, CPG, and tech/software giants all need, want and SHOULD possess this information at every level of their orgs. But they don't.
  • In our message development projects, social listening is critical, and essentially replaces focus groups for understanding pain points and key value propositions.
  • In our customer profile modeling, social listening provides a unique data set with which we can further develop the clarity and accuracy of our customer profiles for clients.
  • NetBase,Brandwatch,NUVI,Falcon Social,Digimind Intelligence,Cision PR Software,Vocus Marketing Suite,Adobe Social,Sysomos Heartbeat,Synthesio,DataRank,Trackur,Traackr,Social Mention,Meltwater Buzz,Radian6,Sprout Social,SDL SM2,Sprinklr
We did a deep, thorough survey of each of these tools. Some of my earlier answers have covered the distinction. I would rank the top 5:

Infegy Atlas

Part of it is current capabilities, of course, but a big part of it is product direction. Some of these tools do not value Natural Language Processing NEARLY enough, and do not do real work to build NLP based on actual Linguistic Theory (which is surprisingly scientific, by the way), so they just do a little to monitor volume and pretty poor sentiment, call it social listening, and deliver it to enterprise clients. This is true of Radian6, Meltwater, Visible Technologies (which was acquired by Cision recently, hence its inclusion here). Of course, my list above is the enterprise level top 5. If you're looking for small biz solutions check out Mention (formerly social mention) or NUVI if you can scale to the bottom of their tiers.
3 - Marketing and IT.
It is difficult to think of a scenario where social listening would be useful but Infegy as a tool would not. In fact, the only times I run into problems using Infegy for people is when they don't have reasonable objectives (they don't really understand what social listening is, perhaps) so their expectations are disproportionate to the technology.

If you're looking for a social listening tool, ask how many websites (approximately) they source from, how their sentiment and other natural language processing (NLP) is developed (e.g. machine learning), how many languages they monitor, how many languages they do sentiment in, if they give you API exporting within the dashboard pricing, what exporting formats and volumes they allow you, what influencer identification they have.