It does its job
March 05, 2015

It does its job

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Overall Satisfaction with Innotas

It is used by OIT, across all departments, to manage our employees, projects, timesheets, customers, and resources. We use it to store information about employees (hire date, department, etc.), projects (status, budget, time contribution by project members, etc.), and so on. It is also used for our employees to record their work time. Basically, it addresses the OIT's need for a database to keep track of all of our essential data.
  • Tremendous amount of functionality in addition to the extensive database - Dashboards, filters, reports, timesheets, Web API, and so on
  • Nearly 100% uptime. During my three years of working with it, it has only gone down once for a couple of hours. Innotas representatives also responded promptly once we alerted them of our problem.
  • Extensive Customization - Allows for creation of custom entities, columns, fields, and so on
  • The search functionality's algorithm is extremely weak. If you slightly mistype a search it will return no results rather than trying to find results close to your spelling. The search feature also seems to have trouble picking up certain special characters such as dashes and colons.
  • While the UI is functional, it can definitely use improvements. For example, the extensive use of popups is definitely an annoyance
  • Poor Documentation - It is difficult to search support or documentation for help. The available documentation and community is very difficult to sift through.
  • Going in hand with poor documentation, since it is not widely used, it is difficult to find help topics related to your problem on Google or other search engines.
  • Improved customer service - Innotas makes it much easier to manage projects and ensure projects are on track and meeting customer needs.
  • Better employee management - Innotas helps us maintain a record of what each employee is working on and what they have accomplished.
  • Increased employee efficiency - Since employees are better managed and kept track of, we are better able to ensure they are being regularly productive.
  • Talisma CRM and Ultratime
During a previous position I used Talisma CRM to keep track of marketing, sales, and customers. While they are slightly different, Innotas is overall better since Talisma from what I recall was rather disorganized. I have also used Ultratime to keep track of employee work hours and Innotas also has a significantly better interface and significantly more features than Ultratime with regards to employee management.
Innotas is able to handle a mid-size organization extremely well, but due to its poor searching features, I can see potential problems for extremely large organizations. So a key question to ask would be what is the size of your organization? A lot of tasks are also non-automated (such as dashboard refreshing and filter time updates), so the organization should also be willing to have a decent number of employees who will maintain the system.

Also, depending on the budget or expertise of the organization's employees, an organization may want to consider a newer or more advanced database software. Despite Innotas doing what is required of it reasonably effectively, it is likely better options exist.

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