Innotas helped expose the breadth of our portfolio and reduce resource over-utilization
Adam Marley | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 04, 2015

Innotas helped expose the breadth of our portfolio and reduce resource over-utilization

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Overall Satisfaction with Planview PPM Pro (formerly Innotas)

Innotas was used by our Project Management Department for portfolio and resource management across the creative portions our organization. It helped us get a grip on the quantity and variety of projects we were undertaking, as well as which resources were committed to which projects. It gave upper level management insight into how their creative workforce was being utilized. Shining a light on that data helped the company to have more confidence in the status of projects, and plan the future direction of projects and resources more effectively. It also helped expose where resources were over-committed, particularly when managers and salespeople were manipulating software developers into doing work for their pet projects under-the-radar.
  • Gives insight to the breadth of your project portfolio. When everybody has their wishlist of what they want done, Innotas shows what is being achieved, and by whom. That is crucial data for management.
  • Exposes resource over-utilization. When a developer is committed to more than one project, it drags down both. Every additional project reduces a developer's productivity.
  • Provides visibility to the project timelines. Management doesn't just want their wishlist completed, they need to know how long it will take. Innotas helps provide the high-level view they need to control the flow.
  • The details of projects, resources and time can be tedious to manage. Innotas does not alleviate the tedium. An intuitive interface for manipulating projects and resources that breaks out of the MS Project mold would go far to make it a better management tool.
  • Increased efficiency in resource utilization
  • Increased productivity and morale from employees being spread over fewer projects at a time
  • Increased confidence in understanding of the portfolio from management
No alternatives were actively evaluated. Previous experience with Basecamp in the runup with Innotas, but I was not involved in an active evaluation of alternatives.
Innotas' support has always been cordial, knowledgeable and helpful.
Innotas is best suited for management of large portfolios with medium-to-large resource pools in a waterfall style of project management. It is less flexible for agile projects, but it does work well in tandem with agile project tools. In that scenario, it provides the high level view of projects and resource utilization while the agile tool(s) handle the give and flex of the tighter details in the project.

Planview PPM Pro (formerly Innotas) Feature Ratings

Using Planview PPM Pro (formerly Innotas)

3 - Innotas is used exclusively by the Project Management Department. Its data and reports, however, are communicated to upper level management across the organization.
3 - Innotas is used and supported by the Director of Project Management and people under her/him. It requires a lot of data gathering and some diplomacy to get insight into all the projects across the enterprise. The actual input and management of that data was handled by me, with assistance from a Project Coordinator, and support from the Director.
  • We needed to understand the breadth of our portfolio so that we could track our progress against management's wishlists.
  • We needed to understand how our workforce was being utilized so that we could identify where our inefficiencies from overuse or underuse were.
  • We needed to understand what our high level project timelines looked like so that we could set expectations and plan accordingly.
  • We used Innotas in tandem with an Agile project management tool. Innotas allowed us to get the high-level, structured view of the projects, while the Agile tool helped us coordinate our efforts in Scrum.
  • As the Project Management Department expands the aspects that it is able to monitor and control, more of Innotas can be integrated to give the insight into those functions we will need.
Because I never evaluated other tools, I would be open to considering others. Given our establishment with Innotas and the value it has provided us, separating from it would cause some organizational discomfort. However, if a tool existed with a more intuitive interface for manipulating the data and factors of projects and resources, I would be very interested.

Planview PPM Pro (formerly Innotas) Support

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Yes - In a high-volume, creative shop like ours, premium support is always a benefit. We can't afford to have our tools slow us down, and there are often efficiencies that we need additional support for.