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November 08, 2013

Discover. Connect. Engage.

Christina Lipton | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Software Version

Team Edition

Overall Satisfaction

  • Please note that my review is based on my 5+ years experience with InsideView Team Edition as Insideview has re-branded their editions in the past 12 months or so.
  • Insideview remains the most robust tool on the market for sales, marketing and on-going client management. Just a little over 5 years ago it was happenstance via a Salesforce event held in Dallas that we were introduced to Insideview. Insideview forever transformed our processes for prospecting, locating and marketing to clean leads, and managing current clients. Here is a quick rundown of what this application does well:
  • - Business and Prospecting Intelligence
  • - Prospect level integration with Social Media
  • - Lead Management
  • Insideview nearly eliminates the time and resources used in the past to research companies prior to prospecting. With access to over 25K resources can one not only access business and prospect intelligence Insideview pushes the data out daily or weekly via their Smart Agents (Smart Agents technology monitors 20,000+ online news sources, SEC publications, and job boards to alert your sales people about key sales opportunities, like a management change or contract award. Smart Agents work on a sales rep's behalf to minimize research and ensure that they never miss a sales opportunity. Smart Agents are completely configurable, allowing each rep to be alerted only about the events that are meaningful to them. Sales reps can choose from our library of Standard Agents (currently comprised of 18 common key business events such as 'Leadership Changes', 'New Offerings', and 'Acquisitions'). They can also create unlimited numbers of Customized Agents to find business events, management discussions, and media coverage specific to their sales efforts.)*
  • *Defined per Insideview's website
  • With the use of Smart Agents combined with Automated Watchlists (Watchlists help you track and monitor a list of companies for relevant business opportunities and challenges.) reduced the amount of touches (prospecting call, emails, etc) by 50% (9 touches to set appt versus 4.6). This partnership also provided instant intelligence into our current client base without having to go out and search for it across the internet allowing our account managers to build and establish a more personal client relationship. No more awkward calls where the client is having to share what's new.
  • With the integration of Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc...) it instantly identifies who else in your org may be connected with that prospect; therefore, assisting sales with more warm calls than cold ones. It also assists other dept by simply bringing a higher level of insight into each prospect.
  • With the use of Jigsaw(free), Data Prospector/ Data Fusion now, AccessHoovers for Salesforce it was TOO much. Utilizing InsideView's "Build a List" for Lead Management took some time as this application has yet to mass upload contacts seamlessly into a CRM. It currently does it on a one-to-one basis. So we decided on a process that would entail building the list, exporting to Excel and formatting the doc to upload into Salesforce via SF's native import wizard. This feed combined with marketing automation app resulted in more clean prospects resulting in more qualified leads.
  • There is only one big weakness of InsideView and that is the application does not allow the end user to mass load contacts into a CRM. The process mentioned previously that we use to load contacts is still very time consuming. When using apps such as Accesshoovers it would ping my CRM data so I would instantly know what accounts were already in our database and which ones were not. This same process minimized the loading of duplicates.
  • I touched on quite a few of these already but will highlight:
  • - 50% decrease in prospecting touches to get to an appt.
  • - Increased employee efficiency
  • - Better on-going client management by account managers
  • - Heighten awareness into company and prospects
  • - Cleaner prospecting/marketing data
This application offers what businesses are greatly in need of for sales, marketing and client management.
This out of the box application is one of the easiest I have integrated and trained folks on how to use.

Product Usage

6 - Sales, Marketing, Operations.
1 - The individual best suited to support this application will have a understanding in basic computing applications, experience with CRM's.
  • Sales Prospecting.
  • Lead Generation.
  • Client Management.
  • We all understand that it takes litle to get a customer but a lot to retain one. We introduced InsideView to our account managers shortly after our original implementation as Smart Agents was a no-brainer crossover feature that heightened our awareness of our clients through the business intelligence pushed out daily/weekly.
  • None at this time.

Evaluation and Selection

There were no other alternatives at the time of purchase.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Wish I could say it was price, but it wasn't. The single most important factor in our decision was the time we would get back. Of course, many other important factors were achieved with the roll out of this application.
I just wished I was introduced to the product sooner.


  • Vendor implemented
  • Implemented in-house
Change management was minimal - Though change management was minimal, understanding the impact this application will have on the org was a big win for easy implementation and end user training.
  • No significant issues encountered during implementation.


Seeing the demo during the sales cycle, not much training was needed due to this application being plug and play.


I gave this rating due to the attention to detail over the years we have used this product. And though small, they listened.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - No need at the time for premium support.
Yes - Yes!
Though no longer with the company, Gaurav Jha, worked overseas and supported most if not all of our support requests. I vividly remember his commitment, no matter the time zone difference, in reaching out to ensure that our request had been handled to our satisfaction.


Smooth, visualforce integration within Leads/Contacts/Accounts.
  • Not at this time
  • File import/export
  • AppExchange or similar marketplace
The individual best suited to install should have a higher level understanding of computing technologies, advanced CRM experience.

Vendor Relationship

Experienced change in sales reps during sales process.
InsideView was committed to us successfully launch the product.
We were able to negotiate Team Edition (min. of 3 end users) for $80.00/month/per user. Annual Renewal.
Not at this current time as InsideView has re-branded their product offerings.