Great Product for Beginners.
October 22, 2013

Great Product for Beginners.

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Prior to working with Demandbase I was completely against analytics, I wanted nothing to do with them and wanted to stay as far away from them as possible. However, after being introduced to Demandbase, I realized how easy it was to use. Demandbase made it very easy to be able to tag the sites you wanted to track. I was able to get information as far back as 3 months, any further and I was able to get that information directly from Demandbase Customer Service.
  • Starting off I had to just log into Demandbase and I was sent to the home page. Afterwards I had to go to the tab where the analytic data was stored. There I was able to select the websites I wanted to track, the type of companies I was interested in (i.e global, states, which states, how large, by reveneue, etc.) I was also able to see how the companies accessed our sites (i.e. which search engine, which search words , etc.) This made it easier for me to make an analysis and provide the team with a direction on what was and wasn't working. This also helped me to determine where to place our advertisements.
  • Unfortunately, I ran into one big problem and a couple small problems with Demandbase. Starting off with the big problem, the site would sometimes provide me with multiple URLs for one page, which would throw my analysis off because I would have to locate the same page name and make sure the URLs added up. However, sometimes Demandbase would return my page name as "Not Found", although information on that page was provided. I had contacted Demandbase to resolve but they told me it was our engineers, our engineers said everything was fine and it was Demandbase. Thus, I would have to eliminate a couple pages to make my analysis fluid.
  • Another issue with Demandbase was removing sites from the tagged list, took too much time. You had to remove each site, one by one, there was no ability to remove a bulk amount of sites at one time. This obviously took up time and made it a nuisance. Also, You can have up to 150 different URLs in the tag list, for a company like VMware, that quota was met very quickly. Thus I had to remove some URLs and re-tag them later. This took time and made the process way too long. I think it would be easier if Demandbase created the ability to create URL groups and save them, so I can reuse them later.
  • We are able to place advertisements on the correct sites as well as assist the Field Marketing Team with which companies to approach. Lets say that our Sales Reps are going after Company A with product AB, however Company A only viewed product AB 3 times in the year. Whereas Company B viewed product AB 20 times, we are able to have our sales reps put there attention on Company B. Also, we are able to see which product Company A is accessing, having Sales reps try to sell them the product they are interested in. This helps save our Sales Reps time and keeps them well informed. I am not sure of the percent or $ amount of ROI, but I can assure you that the product has paid for itself many times already.
Has been a great asset to our team.
Despite the downfalls of the product, it is a fairly new product/company and I have high hopes that they will fix these issues very soon. Overall it is a great product and would recommend it to any users, especially beginners.