ITProTV... a Training No-Brainer
February 20, 2018

ITProTV... a Training No-Brainer

Dana Morrison | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ITProTV

We use ITProTV in the Technology Department. It helps solve the problem of training. It is difficult to plan specific training days and we now have the flexibility to train when we need to and train on the topics that we need. I use ITProTV myself for project management training and higher level training and my team members use it for training specific to their duties.
  • The content isn't dry. There is a good balance of humor and training and is more engaging than other options.
  • Work at your own pace is great! I would never be able to dedicate multiple days for training, so ITProTV helps me get a few episodes of training in per week and on my own schedule.
  • The content offerings are great. It isn't just Comptia or ISC. LSS, GIAC, Cisco, Microsoft, and many other vendors are used which makes this a powerful tool for a wide scope of training needs.
  • The labs are fantastic. Other trainings might speak in theory about how things will look on the screen, but being able to fire up a VM and click on changes is a key part of the learning process.
  • The episode download feature could use a little work (speaking about the Android experience). When you download the episode, you need to go to downloaded in ITProTV instead of just playing on the normal episode content screen. It works well for what it is, but it would be nice to have the downloaded content play straight from the episode screen.
  • I've had a few little issues with the Roku. It works great, but there have been a couple times when I needed to contact support because the Roku kept saying I wasn't a subscriber. The problem mostly resolved itself, but I still occasionally get the message. It isn't a huge deal since I can still access the content on Android or through a web browser.
  • I would like to see an al la carte for school education. Currently, we must contact a sales rep for one-off trainings, like A+, Network+, etc. (the sales reps are phenomenal... so that isn't much of an issue!)
  • I don't have to wonder if a technician has access to the training they need, I can simply look it up, assign them the training, and follow up with them after training is complete.
  • Teamwork has much improved. We are sharpening each other and demonstrating what we've learned to each other.
  • As far as business objectives go, our team is aligning itself with the business goals of education. With this alignment, we are discovering what it takes to deliver value to our customers/students. In our case, this means IT can't be just about fixing issues, we must understand business impact. The trainings on ITProTV often refer to how changes affect the users and this is so important in our field.
  • My team is moving faster than ever before. If I tallied the consulting expense of the changes we have made on our own, ITProTV probably would have paid for itself in the first 30 days.
We have used multiple other trainings in the past, like Microsoft's own free training and certification that is available online. We've also found ourselves "you-tubing" training videos and tutorials (who doesn't?). Rather than hope that the YouTube video got it right, we can feel confident in the training we receive from ITProTV as it has to align with the standards of the partner certifications. Regarding Microsoft... well, ITProTV is just way more entertaining and keeps me engaged (plus, the labs are fantastic!)
NAKIVO Backup & Replication, Freshdesk
My team and I love the ITProTV subscription, but I do understand that some hands-on people might be challenged when the content doesn't include labs. Not everything has labs and that's ok by me. For those that need flexible training and access to Transcender practice tests... this is a no-brainer.

Using ITProTV

3 - IT Director, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Technicians. Tier 1 and 2 handle everything on the support facing side of the ticket with the staff/admin/student that put in the ticket. This can range from printing issues, to account management, to basic provisioning of switches and access points. IT Director deals will all higher level functions.
3 - One of our technicians is brand new to IT support. He didn't go to school for IT, but came to us from teaching. He is super passionate about technology and ITProTV gives us the ability to get his training done without having to watch over him in the process. Another tech went to school for IT. However, IT changes rapidly and we are able to keep him on track with changes since ITProTV content is regularly updated. Myself, I need ITProTV for business function purposes and higher level training.
  • Flexibility in training and episodes
  • Watch it when you need it!
  • Searchable content! Even the transcripts are searchable!
  • Fun! Great humor and personalities making watching the training very easy and engaging.
  • We have migrated to Windows 2016 ActiveDirectory from 2008 AD thanks to some episodes that deal directly with this issue.
  • We were able to implement PKI (public key infrastructure) over the course of 1 day (I was able to have their training up, perform tasks, pause video, do the next tasks... etc). The training was spot on and I replicated the process just as they did in the training!
  • We were able to get proactive with some monitoring and I needed some training on packet capture (Wireshark) and was able to find exactly what I needed when I needed it!
  • Putting technicians on a training path.
  • Allowing students to take A+ Certification class.
  • Associate unresolved tickets to the training necessary to improve the organization
Using ITProTV has been a cakewalk. Not once have I wished that we went with a different vendor. The content stays updated. My technicians are improving their skills. We can train when we need it and access the content required. We are improving all the way around.... why wouldn't I want to renew?

ITProTV Support

Let me start with... their chat really works. You aren't chatting with a bot. When we first looked into purchasing ITProTV, I opened a chat on their site. One of their sales people, Brandon, contacted me quickly and by phone. I totally thought I was chatting with a computer, then the phone rang and Brandon introduced himself. I was blown away. Then, on the two occasions when I contact support, I did it through the chat. Not only did my problem get resolved quickly, a tech named Jessica followed up via email a couple days later to make sure the issues hadn't continued. Fantastic!
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - I think so. I think the Roku app is a little buggy. It works 95+% of the time, but occasionally I get a message that I don't have permission to access a particular episode. Sometimes if I navigate around or search differently, the episode pops up without a problem. The support team seemed a little puzzled as well, but I only have the issue on rare occasion now.
Their team is rock solid. I was blown away when one of their techs, during a chat, was able to resolve an issue for me with a series I was trying to pull up on the Roku. I totally thought I was chatting with a bot, but the technician, Jessica, kept with the issue to make sure it was resolved and resolved to my satisfaction. Their team is amazing!