LANSweeper gives you bang for your buck!
Updated July 23, 2021

LANSweeper gives you bang for your buck!

Michael Metalios | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Lansweeper

LANSweeper Is currently used as an inventory system for our entire WAN. Every computer reports in to LANSweeper when someone logs in. LANSweeper is also configured to randomly scan our network for new devices. We use it to monitor issues like drive space, toner levels, and Antivirus status. For an inexpensive solution, LANSweeper really a one-stop shop for a lot of necessities.
  • Inventory - LANSweeper scans the network for devices - anything with an SNMP trap or using AD or local credentials. We can get an in-depth look at devices.
  • Reporting - LANSweeper can generate just about any report you can imagine. We can check RAM in groups and determine where upgrades are needed. We can find local printers (which aren't allowed on our network) and address that issue with the user. We can check CPU type to help determine end of life without our network.
  • Printers - It's nice to have a quick look at printer statuses. Toner levels, out of paper, and service errors are all reported via LANSweeper.
  • LANSweeper has a tendency to be extremely slow sometimes. We are running it in a 2016 VM. It has plenty of RAM, CPU, and Storage. However I believe it would benefit from living on an SQL server instead of a local lite instance of SQL.
  • I wish there were more details in the printer reports. It is definitely a bit lacking.
  • It's hard to balance the auto-removal of items from LANSweeper. This isn't necessarily LANSweeper's fault. But sometimes you want to keep record of devices for a period after they're gone. Sometimes, you just want to wipe the slate clean of old items and start over.
  • The Helpdesk system needs a LOT of improvement. We used it for two years. This year, we did not renew. It is comical looking with its colors and large fonts. It is difficult to sort through tickets. I hope it gets better in time. I like having it integrated into the inventory system.
  • LANSweeper helps us determine when devices are EOL and deal with them accordingly.
  • LANSweeper keeps track of serial and model numbers. Helping us locate specific devices if necessary.
  • Warranty tracking is built-in to LANSweeper. It's nice to be able to just click a link and be taken to the manufacturer's warranty information page regarding that device.
  • M.A.R.T monitoring is a great feature. We get a report of impending hard drive failures and can deal with them proactively.
  • BMC Track-It!
Track-It!'s inventory control costs a lot more than LANSweeper. We're happy with the cost and features of LANSweeper compared to Track-It! We do use Track-It! for our ticketing system now. It is robust, full-featured, and blows LANSweeper out of the water. But for Inventory, we prefer LANSweeper. If LANSweeper's helpdesk system improves, we may move back.
Because of its slowdown as we have acquired more equipment, I think LANSweeper may be better suited for smaller environments. We have 3000+ users and over 1500 devices on our WAN. It has shown considerable performance issues as we have grown. Maybe moving it to a full blown SQL instance will make things a bit better. But as it stands, it has gotten tiresome waiting for it to update and refresh.

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