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IT Asset Management Software Overview

What is IT Asset Management (ITAM) Software?

IT asset management software is designed to inventory all the hardware and software within an organization to aid decision-making regarding hardware and software purchases and redistribution across business units. IT asset management software is used most broadly by larger organizations and enterprises, but can provide value across company sizes.

IT asset management tools centralize the asset management process for IT departments. This centralization creates efficiencies within policy management and IT inventory management. ITAM also allows businesses to maintain license compliance while reducing IT waste from unnecessary hardware and software licenses.

IT asset management can manage the life cycles of a wide range of business assets, including:

  • Infrastructure hardware, including network devices, servers, and security technology

  • 3rd party infrastructure, such as cloud databases

  • Software licenses

  • Company-owned personal devices, such as laptops or phones

  • IoT devices

Some asset management products have expanded beyond IT assets specifically. These tools are meant to be more general use, such as managing office equipment lifecycles. Not all businesses require general asset management capabilities, but they can be more valuable at larger organizations.

IT Asset Management vs. Help Desk

IT asset management can overlap heavily with other IT support-related functions. The most common overlaps are with IT Service Management and Help Desk software. ITAM is considered by some to be a subfunction of IT Service Management.

IT asset management is often required in help desk functions. For instance, help desk tickets to requisition hardware, software licenses, or request tech maintenance can all lean on asset management capabilities. Help desk software will sometimes include asset management to serve this need.

IT asset management is much more specialized than help desk software. Help desk products are generalizable to business-wide service needs. In contrast, IT asset management focuses on specific classes of assets. Other systems like help desk software will often integrate with IT asset management tools to create a more comprehensive and efficient internal service or support experience.

IT Asset Management Features & Capabilities

Typical capabilities of IT Asset management software are:

  • Discovery and management of hardware and software inventory

  • Lifecycle monitoring from acquisition to retirement

  • Upgrade cycle management

  • Asset detail drill-down

  • Enduring license agreement compliance

  • Configuration management database for recording all asset data

  • Purchase order and contract management

Typically, inventory, financial and contractual data is discovered and maintained in a central repository. This helps with monitoring assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Requests to purchase assets are handled through approval workflows. The software handles acquisition details such as entitlement, chargebacks, and provisioning. Post-deployment, all maintenance activity is recorded and audits are performed until assets are retired from service.

IT Asset Management Software Comparison

When comparing IT asset management software, consider these factors:

  1. Asset management vs. full IT Service Management: Most IT asset management capabilities are found within comprehensive service management platforms. Most organizations that require asset management will also need broader service management functions, such as knowledge management and change management. However, these additional services also bring additional cost- asset management is the primary consideration, a point solution may serve your needs more efficiently.

  2. Scalability: Many IT asset management processes apply to dozens, hundred, or even thousands of entities, oftentime simultaneously. Evaluate the size of your IT asset pool, and its potential to grow, and factor in products’ ability to automate certain mass actions, such as applying updates, tracking licenses, and routing user requests.

  3. Reporting: Reviewers frequently point to reporting as an issue when using ITAM products. To mitigate this issue, consider what aspects of your IT asset data are most important to you. Based on those priorities, consider how well ITAM products can reporting on those metrics using either prebuilt or customizable reporting.

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Pricing Information

Pricing for ITAM cloud services varies. These products are usually priced per agent per month, and there is often an additional charge per device. Enterprise-level solutions have a cost in the region of $100 per user, but SMB options can be significantly cheaper.

IT Asset Management Products

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SolarWinds Service Desk (SSD)

SolarWinds Service Desk

Customer Verified
Top Rated

SolarWinds Service Desk (formerly Samanage) is a cloud-based, multi-tenant IT service desk and asset management software for IT and enterprise service management. Samanage is on a single, always new instance of software. The service desk includes a self-service portal, service catalog,…

Key Features

  • Organize and prioritize service tickets (96)
  • Self-service tools (86)
  • ITSM reports and dashboards (87)
Spiceworks Help Desk

Spiceworks Help Desk

Customer Verified
Top Rated

Spiceworks offers a set of free tools for IT network management and help desk support ticketing. The inventory management system essentially provides comprehensive device information for asset management. The Spiceworks Network Monitor provides information on observed IT for problem…

Key Features

  • Ticket creation and submission (52)
  • Ticket response (51)
  • Organize and prioritize service tickets (52)
ServiceNow IT Service Management

ServiceNow IT Service Management

Customer Verified
Starting Price $10,000

ServiceNow is a fast-growing service management provider that went public in 2012. Built on the ServiceNow Now Platform, the IT Service Management bundle provides an agent workspace with knowledge management, and modules supporting issue tracking and problem resolution, change, release…

Key Features

  • Organize and prioritize service tickets (66)
  • Subscription-based notifications (61)
  • Self-service tools (63)


Customer Verified
Starting Price $1,211

SysAid is the flagship ITSM and IT help desk software from SysAid Technologies, which offers a rather wide swath of features, supporting asset management (HAM and SAM), remote control, and rich reporting tools.

Key Features

  • Organize and prioritize service tickets (64)
  • Self-service tools (61)
  • ITSM reports and dashboards (58)


Customer Verified
Top Rated
Starting Price $19

Freshservice is a cloud-based service desk and IT service management (ITSM) solution that currently serves more than 10,000 SMB, mid-market, and enterprise customers worldwide.

Key Features

  • Organize and prioritize service tickets (44)
  • Self-service tools (42)
  • Asset management dashboard (38)
BMC Helix ITSM (Remedy)

BMC Helix ITSM replaces Remedy. It is a broad suite of ITSM, tools with strong integrations to other BMC tools and in-built ITAM. The product is used mainly by global brands and is offered in on-premise and SaaS configurations.

Key Features

  • Organize and prioritize service tickets (38)
  • Change requests repository (37)
  • Self-service tools (38)
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus is free help desk software from ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation.

Key Features

  • Organize and prioritize service tickets (20)
  • Self-service tools (18)
  • ITSM reports and dashboards (18)


Starting Price $0

Lansweeper is PC and network inventory software that is designed to discover Windows, Linux and Mac machines in an organization’s network. It also inventories network devices such as printers, routers, and switches.

Key Features

  • Asset relationship management (11)
  • Software and hardware inventory tracking (12)
BMC Track-It!

BMC's Track-It! (formerly Numara Track-It!) is an IT asset management, IT help desk, and license management solution.

Key Features

  • License management (12)
  • Software and hardware inventory tracking (12)
KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA)

Quest now offers the KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) as an IT Asset tracking and management appliance (also available as a virtual deployment if hardware requirements are met). Beyond discovery, inventory tracking and license management, KACE emphasizes automating software…

Key Features

  • Software and hardware inventory tracking (11)
  • License management (10)
AlienVault OSSIM

OSSIM leverages the power of the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange by allowing users to both contribute and receive real-time information about malicious hosts. AlienVault OSSIM is an open source Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) product. It is a unified platform providing:…

ManageEngine AssetExplorer

ManageEngine's AssetExplorer is an IT asset management solution.



Starting Price $1,449

Device42 is presented by the vendor as a comprehensive, agentless discovery system for Hybrid IT. They state Device42 can continuously discover, map, and optimize infrastructure and applications across data centers and cloud, providing accurate views of an IT ecosystem. Device42…

HCL BigFix (formerly from IBM)

BigFix, now supported by HCL Technologies since the acquisition of BigFix from IBM in 2018, is an endpoint management solution providing endpoint visibility and IT asset discovery, automated endpoint patching (BigFix Lifecycle and BigFix Patch) policy enforcement (BigFix Compliance)…

Micro Focus Asset Manager (formerly HP Asset Manager)

Asset Manager (formerly HP Asset Manager) is enterprise-class IT asset management (ITAM) solution acquired by Micro Focus from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, supporting change and configuration management and license management.


Absolute is an adaptive endpoint security solution. It provides users with a persistent connection to all of their endpoints and the data they contain. The vendor says, by maintaining a two-way connection with each device, users have the insight they need to assess risk and apply…

Symantec IT Management Suite

Symantec IT Management Suite enables IT administrators to securely manage the entire lifecycle of desktops, laptops, and servers across Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and virtual environments including deployment, asset management, and patch management to reduce costs and increase…

KACE Asset Management Appliance

KACE Asset Management Appliance (formerly Dell's Asset Manager) from Quest Software is an IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM) solution.


Blissfully is a complete SaaS management platform. It aims to give companies the visibility and tools needed to manage vendors, simplify IT operations, maintain compliance, and optimize spending.

Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite

Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite (based on the former LANDesk IT Asset Management Suite) features the IT Asset offering Ivanti Asset Manager, and the Ivanti License Optimizer and Optimizer for SAP applications, which extend the Ivanti ITAM suite to provide software asset management…

Axios Assyst

Axios is a UK-based vendor and offers the assyst ITSM product in both SaaS and on-premise configurations - the SaaS version is called assystSaaS. This product competes with BMC Remedy, IBM SmartCloud, Cherwell Service Management, and FrontRange ITSM (now Heat Service Management)

xAssets IT Asset Management Software

IT asset management software with large enterprise scalability and deep configurability to meet the complex requirements of large enterprises. The product provides highly scalable agentless network discovery software, full lifecycle asset management including software asset management,…

Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management

Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management is a recognized, enterprise-level asset management solution, for hardware and physical assets of various kinds.

InvGate Assets

InvGate Assets is the IT asset management platform from Argentinian company InvGate.

CA Asset Portfolio Management

CA Asset Portfolio Management, now from Broadcom, aims to help users get more from IT asset investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT asset management?

IT asset management is a set of business processed designed to help IT departments track, control, and maintain the business’s IT assets, including hardware and software.

What are IT assets?

IT assets are entities that IT departments are traditionally responsible for. They frequently include network devices, company-issued personal computers and devices, and software licenses.

Why is IT asset management important?

IT asset management is important when ensuring your use of software licenses is compliant with license terms, preventing hardware deterioration from interfering with business operations, and managing asset overhead like unused hardware or licenses.

What is asset lifecycle management?

Asset lifecycle management processes ensure businesses use each asset as fully and efficiently as possible, including maintenance and update cycles and decommissioning processes.

How much does IT asset management cost?

IT asset management costs can vary dramatically, and will cost more when included in full ITSM platforms. Most ITAM products charge per user, per month, with some base fee for the license or appliance.