A good choice for the budding sys admin, freelance web developer, and IT operations manager alike.
March 23, 2021

A good choice for the budding sys admin, freelance web developer, and IT operations manager alike.

Justin Ponce | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

I use Linode to spool up Linux environments for training, testing & development, and for hosting customer websites. Right now, my business might be small in comparison to others like it, so saying that we use Linode in one department or throughout the entire organization is one and the same. Speed and reliability are the two most important factors for customers we cater to and Linode helps us solve both of these quite well.
  • New dashboard has a clean, easy to navigate UI.
  • Support seems to be attentive, proactive, and fair.
  • Resources, such as support docs, are a nice touch and are mostly up-to-date.
  • IPv4 addresses given have been clean and pass spam blacklists.
  • SSH keys feature under 'My Profile' hasn't reached its potential, e.g. if you want to add more than one user to a machine during deployment.
  • A review of currently available support docs and updating them for the latest (stable) distros would be good.
  • Though I dislike admitting this publicly, Linode has been generous with their grace period when I used it for late payments. I was able to stay in business long enough to collect customer payments and in turn pay Linode, which was crucial during the pandemic season. I would call that very positive ROI.
Though I have used DigitalOcean and also had a generally positive experience using them, I disliked that the IPv4 addresses given to me when using D.O. almost always failed MX blacklist checks and required me to intervene on my own to get them delisted. Because I have not encountered this issue with Linode, I would choose Linode over DigitalOcean.
I haven't had a lot of support interactions with Linode's human staff, mostly because many of the issues have been handled without needing my intervention. I enjoy and appreciate the server maintenance notifications they send and the proactive security fixes so that I don't have to take much action (if any).
Linode is infrastructure as a service, meaning it can get costly in the long run, especially if you are a large organization with the resources readily available to own and manage your own hardware. That being said, Linode is an ideal and affordable choice for the startup that prioritizes being practical over amassing risk (and debt). Though Linode does also offer advanced enterprise features, like load balancing and their new firewall, I haven't had the opportunity to use them yet.
I've been very happy with Linode's reliability. In the few cases where I had encountered a potentially catastrophic issue, Linode either began solving it immediately or helped me narrow down the cause. For this I am grateful.
I am very pleased with the service and hope to continue using them for the foreseeable future. Though I recommend them to others, it all comes down to use cases and what exactly the customer needs (and what they are aware they need). "Working in IT" is an ambiguous term and there can be a wide knowledge & skill gap between IT providers and customers. Because of this, I would only recommend Linode to those who are comfortable using the command line and have at least some knowledge of network layers and how they interact.