6 years later and [still using] Linode
May 14, 2021

6 years later and [still using] Linode

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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

Back when we first started to use Linode, the very first impression I got was the cut on the hosting costs. The fact that we came to the understanding that we can host quite a lot of virtualized hosts on a single server, saved us a lot of hassle and money, so we slowly started to migrate to Linode, starting with 1 server, ending up with up to having more than 10 at some point.
  • It's mostly up! When you use other providers you'll notice that [difference].
  • The free hardware upgrade.
  • Pricing.
  • Never managed to get LongView to work.
  • Easy Container-based server setups.
  • Better UX in the panel.
  • Cutting costs.
  • Easier to maintain a server rather than hundreds of different hosts.
  • Great documentation.
I'd say Linode's main competition is DigitalOcean, I always liked to use Linode instead of DigitalOcean, even though [DigitalOcean's] website looked more professional, and their panel was more robust. Nowadays though Linode has gotten much better but they can do more for sure. Comparing infrastructure and servers together I didn't see much difference for my use cases.
I always got a helpful reply or a tip on how to fix my problem, they even actually answer phones and connect you to a technical person. I didn't actually expect that. :)
As mentioned before, I do a lot of third-party services for other companies and it saves me a lot of money on hosting costs. I also managed to keep the servers running mostly relying on one employee, so that also comes in as a plus.
To be honest in the last 6 years or so I do remember a one-time outage on behalf of Linode, other than that it is always up! I mean nowadays I use a lot of Acquia, Pantheon, and PlatformSH. Those services (not comparable though) do have a lot of downtimes, so that's what makes me more confident in Linode.
Considering the cost, Linode was always the best option, also their support actually does reply to your tickets and sometimes go a bit more ahead to dig a bit deeper to fix your own issue instead of telling you it's not their fault and you should fix the issue yourself.

If you are not into maintaining servers yourself when it comes to networking and security, you're better off with another vendor, but if you know what you're doing, there's no better option rather than Linode. [I've] tried many different vendors throughout the years but Linode is always my go-to option if the project scale allows.