Loom is amazing!
May 14, 2019

Loom is amazing!

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Overall Satisfaction with Loom

We use Loom for so many things! The support team uses it to give customers visuals on workflows and best practices for using our product. It's a game changer, and customers love the personal touch and visual that Loom has empowered our team with. We can also document issues found in our product to then pass along to the Quality Assurance team.
  • Browser recording.
  • Video rendering/processing quickly, to be able to share with others.
  • Storage of videos.
  • Loom has improved and implemented a lot of features since I came onboard. Folders for videos was a huge improvement, as well as trimming.
  • The trimming tool is a little clunky and could use some updates on precision and speed.
  • I'd love to be able to do more meticulous editing and separate audio from video.
  • Greatly increased our CSAT. Customers love the visual.
  • Improved communication and replication for the QA team (support adds the replication of the issue via loom).
  • Great quick training tool to distribute information across the team.
  • iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro and Screenhero (Discontinued)
Loom solves something that no one else is even trying to solve. Quick visualization of your online experience. Every other solution that records your screen takes time to render the video before it can be shared. Loom is taking the magic of sharing a screenshot of your computer screen and improving upon that tenfold in the format of a video. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is infinitely better in most cases.
Loom is one of my favorite solutions and I've been a raving fan since they first launched. The value of quickly sharing videos in seconds is amazing. Our customers love it so much that they have even downloaded the Loom Chrome extension for their own use with their clients! It's so simple, and nothing else compares or competes.
Loom is one of the easiest software solutions that I've used. Their Chrome extension is very intuitive and I hear that the desktop app is phenomenal. Once you've stopped the recording, the video is instantly available to share via the link that Loom provides you. The recipient only needs to click on the link and click 'play' on the Loom landing page. So easy.
We're not currently using any of Loom's integration capabilities. I've seen the Gmail integration in action and it appears to be great! I'm excited to see where Loom takes their integrations, and I'd love to see an integration with companies like Olark and Zendesk. That would for sure be a game changer!
Loom is best suited for browser and desktop recording. While it's not a robust video editing solution like something you'd find out of the Adobe suite, it's perfect for those who need a quick way to share their browsing and desktop experience. Loom is a game changer for sharing visuals with internal folks and external customers.