Lucidchart is definitely a yes-go!
July 01, 2021

Lucidchart is definitely a yes-go!

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Overall Satisfaction with Lucidchart

Lucidchart as a no-code, visual tool is suitable for everyone - even kids. Apart from simple drag-and-drops and minimal texts, the interface is similar to other major content creation platform like the G-suite (slides, docs), which makes people think cross-platform integration (I'm not sure, I'm just guessing). This makes it much more easier to pick up and adapt.
A key employee's departure left us scrambling to complete a month-end process. Lucidchart helped us document her tasks and figure out what exactly happened between multiple people who took over her roles. We used BPMN 2.0 to uncover the current state of affairs and are looking to propose a future state where sub-processes are optimized and done in series, ultimately using it as an evergreen document to consult.
  • Simple usability - Lucidchart is a no-code, visual tool that is easy to navigate and keeps things minimal and tidy. Its intuitive learning curve takes
  • Enable notes/comments - Perhaps the feature exists but I didn't dig. I would love to see comments to be a more ubiquitous feature, so that feedback can be done on the same platform/page.
  • Resolution problem/online viewing - I tried to export my diagram to PDF and email it through Gmail, but the resolution is quite low that it ended up not readable. We worked our way around by downloading the PDF, an extra step that might/might not be optimized.
  • Extra feature? - One function of a workflow diagram is to track where each human resource is in the process, perhaps Lucidchart can develop a real-time tracker that collects updates from the resource and streamlines the progress reporting?
  • Cost savings - Lucidchart is helping us uncover in-series workflow and bottlenecks where we can optimize or even automate.
  • Productivity - with a better shared understanding of the process, each resource understands their roles with more clarity and are more ready to tackle it the next time.
  • Time savings - we see the diagrams as a potential way to onboard new employees and get them up to speed better and quicker.
This is great! I didn't know of this integration feature until now and would love to see how it should be done! I have only been exporting the file into PDFs or JPGs the old-fashion way and now I see more diagrams can be incorporated into our documentations and project planning.
I haven't had the need for support all that much, but I do appreciate the occasional tips that point me to features I haven't explored yet - perhaps more nudge in terms of promoting cross-platform integration and the cutting-edge stuff to let us know its capabilities!

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I previously used Google Drawings for diagramming and realize it does not provide the breadth of options in Lucidchart. With the latter, I easily created a swim-lane diagram with the preset BPMN 2.0 notation (without the need to learn the notation itself all that much) and a SIPOC diagrams with the template it provided. They provide valuable starting points for me to complete my analysis and conduct my presentation.
Lucidchart seems to be the industry standard, if not the most ubiquitous tool in a corporate setting. It is very intuitive to use and collaborate on, and has a similar interface to G-suite apps like slides that makes adapting to it simple. It is particularly great in scenarios that involve a workflow, a team, and a repeatable process, because it provides an external visual representation and can let people quickly identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement. However, I'd imagine most use cases remains on a 'documentation' level, and would like to see how project planning and ideation process can use make use of Lucidcharts.