Lucidchart is THE Boss in Diagraming!
January 04, 2022

Lucidchart is THE Boss in Diagraming!

Edgar Rios | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Lucidchart

The learning curve is non-existent. Again, this is coming from someone familiar with diagrams, but anyone with basic knowledge of computers can pick this up. Much like a video game, the [more] you explore, the more you learn and discover. The more you learn and discover, the greater you become at Lucidchart. It is truly a masterpiece of [a] software.
Most of my team uses [Microsoft] Visio. I, however, love Lucidchart because it allows me to not only convert their files into Lucidchart but [also] completely redesign them and manage them the way I need to. We like diagramming here, it helps to paint a better picture in mind of the network. I love the program and feel like it is at its best right now. I mainly use it to diagram network gear and how it connects in our data centers.
  • Excellent file conversion from Visio and vice versa
  • Intrepid tools with [a] great selection of hubs, devices, nodes, etc.
  • Ease of use (simple like nothing else is)
  • [In my opinion,] if there is one thing, perhaps it would be to slap Microsoft in the face a little harder.
  • [Microsoft] Visio is ok, but don't try to copy them or re-invent the networking diagram world by becoming greater than [Microsoft] Visio.
  • It sure has. It has saved me a lot of time. Think of all the time I could have wasted trying to learn a program that does the same thing, whereas Lucidchart just does it with ease, learn as you go, and be a boss at it.
  • Lucidchart has increased productivity. My diagrams have helped co-workers find connectivity and helped them troubleshoot devices. This has saved time and increased productivity.
We use an internal SharePoint that is kind of [garbage] (having been acquired by another organization). Lucidchart allows me to upload files directly into the file share (Ollie) so [that] others can easily see and download if they need to. I am sure there are a lot of other integration tools, but I do not use any of them at the moment. Purely a work of diagram and upload.
I am giving it a 10 - because it is not fair of me to do less when I do not have much experience with the support. I once had to open a ticket with them and the issue was resolved super fast and it was really only a question. So, I cannot say exactly how they operate, but I am guessing they are awesome at what they do since their software is such a masterpiece.

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When you are a Mac user like me, you don't get [Microsoft] Visio unless you work some magic and install some software that works wonders (which I actually like, but not the point right now). So Lucidchart is the remaining option, however, many think that because it is not a Microsoft software [that] it must suck. I have proved time after time that I can do whatever [Microsoft] Visio can do with Lucidchart. I have used both, and I prefer Lucidchart over [Microsoft] Visio for multiple reasons, but the first one being the integration. I can take a [Microsoft] Visio file and dump it into Lucidchart and it converts. Then, I can work on it and when I go and download it, I can have it be a [Microsoft] Visio file again! Like Magic!
It never fails! If I need to satisfy an audit and provide [a] detailed description of where my devices are and how they connect, I can do that with Lucidchart. I can easily type text anywhere on the screen and feel like a boss working the program.

Lucidchart Training

I had done some work in diagrams before, so this was not very hard, but I have learned a lot along the way. There have been more features that make a difference once you learn them. Maybe in part because of my background with [Microsoft] Visio, this was easy to pick up and start using right away. Nothing to it. :)