Empower yourself with content, information and process
Todd Ek | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated October 15, 2018

Empower yourself with content, information and process

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Overall Satisfaction with M-Files

We use M-Files workflows to manage business units across the organization. Such as Project implantation, contract life cycle, sales, commissions and more. Tracking project status, history, and documents are key to our success. We utilize M-Files workflows to track key project tasks, personnel and follow up. Workflow notifications keep me on track with contract balances, end dates because the consultant and projects records are always at my fingertips. M-Files standardizes our documentation employing templates for quotes, proposals, contracts and project documentation streamlining our processes.

  • Workflows are powerful; they notify personnel of the status and details of a project. Routines, tasks, and checklists are assigned automatically via email or views based on roles or process.
  • We can track and inform on anything, from customer requests, formal internal communications, requests, audits, and risk. When a teammate is assigned a request, it brings instant visibility and accountability. Colleagues receive reminders on task deadlines, and tasks escalate when not completed on time, resulting in stronger communication and faster result all around.
  • I often say, “If we track it on a spreadsheet today, the process needs to be moved to M-Files tomorrow." There are many micro processes within a team where an individual manages an important procedure in a homegrown manner often on a spreadsheet with date, check boxes, and reminders. Finding these and deploying their methods in M-Files can ease the task and share responsibility among the team.
  • I would like to see M-Files implement spellcheck in the user interface and the administration module. It seems like a no-brainer improvement for the end user.
  • A web-based template tool or integration would be also wonderful enhancement .
  • Enhancement of the Intelligent Metadata Layer (IML) to ease migration of documents from Network Folders.
  • M-Files has let us do more with less. We always look to M-Files to streamline operations.
  • We have increased our efficiency in all areas of business and rarely fret about purchasing more licences to add individuals to the process.
We have implemented permissions in all areas of M-Files. All users are on a need-to-see basis based on groups, department or workflow state. M-Files can set permission on any piece of metadata. As an example: salespeople create commission statements and send them to their manager changing their permission to read-only. The manager permissions are set to Edit. If they send it back to the salesperson, permissions change back to edit. When the commission statement is approved and sent to admin, the document becomes read-only for all. Permission protects the document throughout all phases of the workflow and salespeople have access to only documents they created.
M-Files meets our customers compliance needs in document control, change requests, issue managment, risk managment, audits and periodic task managment with automated process, easy controlled document access, automated training and course managment. M-Files is very strong in this area and should not be overlooked.
  • We have integrated M-files with core ERP e-automate and SalesForce replicating vendor, customer, project and contract data to M-Files providing a single source for core data.
  • With our customers we have integreated with an endless lidt of databases: MS Dynamics, Sage, NetSuite, and CYMA just to name a few.
  • The advantages include; a single source for data across the organization that minimizes data entry errors and reduces clicks when entering data.
Integrations can be as simple as retrieving data from a database, sending information to a database, changing workflow state based on data from the ERP, HR or Manufacturing database. The ability exists to further integrate directly into a database application through its API allowing the users to search directly from their database application.
M-Files is well suited for almost any environment, my favorite being Quality Management. It is a great fit for any compliance or regulated organization that wants to enhance compliance or is working towards compliance. M-Files powerfully assists with document control, change requests, audit planning, and execution, issue and risk management and training with a turn-key approach.

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