M-Files is Great and Reliable for Our Hospital System's Policies and Forms. See What They Can Do for You!
June 09, 2020

M-Files is Great and Reliable for Our Hospital System's Policies and Forms. See What They Can Do for You!

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Overall Satisfaction with M‑Files

M-Files holds the policies and forms for our hospital system. It is used by all associates/manager's/physicians within Catholic Health. Our M-Files account was created and designed for the needs of our hospital system. It is a very reliable system with easy access for our users. The search capability is extremely fast and reliable. When an associate needs immediate access to a policy or form, it is readily available. This is critical since we have surgery consents on this system as well as many other policies and forms and our five hospitals rely on these documents to function.

From an administrator's view, this system was created by working with M-Files so we have everything that is required, such as the documented date and time stamps for pathologists approvals on our policies, easy access to all versions of each policy, more than one version of a policy visible at a time for training purposes, and excellent customer service.

  • Reliable: Our M-Files system has only gone down one time (for a very short period of time) at the beginning of the two years that we have been with M-Files. Our previous vendor's system had so many downtimes that our IT Department had to assign an associate to work with me for sending out notifications to associates etc. With our last vendor, one day I came to work and only 60 of the 260 consent for surgery forms were available to our end users although they were visible to me as the Administrator but weren't showing up for the end-users!
  • Our M-Files system was created for us. It was created by working with developers to only have on our system what we required, and I must say, there were so many extra features that M-Files offered in our program that weren't available with our previous vendor. As mentioned previously, we can have two policies or forms visible to the end-user so one can be listed as "draft" or "training only" so our end users can read and use for training as we get ready to roll out a new medical record system. I can also preload policies and leave them in the working stage until they are approved and go back and publish them the day they are approved. The list goes on with so many great features.
  • Our end users would say the greatest asset of this product is the search function. It's amazing how fast it is. There are many ways to search out a form or policy which makes it a true asset for our associates.
  • When our account was first live, shortly after that we had our one and only downtime. When I called for assistance, I was told that I needed to work with Strickland Solutions, who created our vault for M-Files. When I called my contacts there, they told me I needed to contact M-Files. It was frustrating and did get to the bottom of it. There are now account reps that I can work with if I need to but I would recommend (and I had already suggested) that the support team is well aware of what level of support each customer has for their account. My account rep does call to check in with me periodically, but seriously, we aren't having issues and are a very satisfied customer.
  • The price we pay for M-Files is about one third less than the price that we were paying our previous vendor plus we have a custom-built amazing dependable system with great support.
  • From a compliance and legal standpoint, our policies are always available to end users including easy access to previous versions.
  • We have training linked to policies and forms for new associates and also they are linked to our Medical System so that they can be easily accessed.
  • In November we are rolling out a new Electronic Medical Record system (EPIC) and we are currently working on the developing records within M-Files for the rollout.
We are still working on integrating for the rollout of EPIC and everything so far has been very easy. There are many advantages, such as duplicate files can be seen by the end-users. We can preload the documents in the "working" state until we go live.
For Catholic Health, M-Files has been a huge success. We have around 27,000 documents on this system and it's an extremely easy system to use and a great resource for our end users. It's hard when you make the decision to change vendors and need to pick a new system. There are a lot of companies out there offering their services and promising you everything but when it comes down to it, not all can provide what was promised. I honestly don't think we could have picked a better system for us. We had a few glitches in the beginning because we thought we had 10,000 policies and forms, but when we went to transfer them over, we really, at that time, had 25,000 documents because we had the previous versions that were required to be retained. When creating this system, there was tremendous time spent on our special requirements, and it is well worth that time spent to make a system that is exactly what is required for your company, and I think we accomplished that. Honestly, Strickland Solutions has made enhancements to our system since it was created to increase the quality of our system. I think it's endless what can be done by the programmers. They have always been able to come up with a solution for us. As far as scenarios that are less appropriate, we only asked for a presentation based on our needs but it seems like M-Files could create a system for anything based on the amazing skill of the programmers.

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