Mattersight product review-- I "Trust" you will read this!
June 25, 2015

Mattersight product review-- I "Trust" you will read this!

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  • Behavior analytics portal

Overall Satisfaction with Mattersight Behavioral Analytics

Mattersight is being used widely in our customer service areas. It is used to do our quality, for coaching for the reps as well as for backing up and recording the incoming calls from customers. It addresses the issues of finding different things we need to look for in calls without having to listen to hundreds of calls to find examples we need. In addition it gives us a picture of when reps are having struggles by identifying Non-Interaction Time (NI) .
  • I like seeing at a glance the metrics for my reps and being able to know where they are struggling whether it be empathy, NI, or any other issues.
  • Being able to search for particular pieces in a call such as excessive NI time, or a spot where a rep expresses empathy makes it really easy to dial down to the different items we need to coach to.
  • Identification of the customer personality as well as the information on how to work with the different personality types is also a good resource for us.
  • The ability for a representative to review their own calls is key in our coaching and the ability to help them grow.
  • We REALLY need the rep to rep conversations. It is key in our area to know what transpired during the transfer of the call or during a conversation from say a rep to a team lead. Without this functionality, on some of the issues we face, we are guessing or driving blind.
  • There seem to be some issues with the linguistics surrounding Empathy and very little to help us coach on this. I have had reps using the same phrasing and sometimes it is recognized and sometimes not. The explanations we are given are too vague to really coach to.
  • This program has been key for me in coaching my employees on different behaviors and finding what I need them to hear.
  • I don't have any ROI numbers off hand, but I can tell you my time spent is a lot less with being able to look for calls this way versus having to use the 'needle in a haystack" method we used before.
  • Calabrio
Mattersight gives a lot more information as to customer personality. There is also heat mapping in the analyzed calls which direct you to specific events or behaviors that need coaching.
IF it is cruicial in your organization to have the internal conversations recorded, this is NOT the product for you. If you do not need that, the savings in time by the software analyzing calls in a way where you can search for specific incidents is fantastic. The training on personality types and how to work with each one is also a great tool for any organization. I can say if it weren't for the rep to rep recording piece, I would give this product a 9.