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Call Center Workforce Optimization Software

Best Call Center Workforce Optimization Software

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Call Center Workforce Optimization Software Overview

What is Workforce Optimization Software?

Call Center Workforce Optimization (WFO) Software uses forecasting to optimally staff and schedule a call center. WFO suites use agent and call data analytics to improve call center performance. Applications like call recording & quality monitoring, coaching, and agent scoring, are used to improve a call center's efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Call Center Workforce Optimization Products

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Genesys PureConnect

Top Rated
107 Ratings

Genesys PureConnect is an omnichannel contact center platform that offers cloud-based, on-premise, or managed service deployment options. It features an SIP-based architecture, including VoIP capabilities, which allows companies to connect legacy voice systems and use existing phone systems.

Mattersight Behavioral Analytics

50 Ratings

Mattersight Behavioral Analytics is a solution that includes millions of pre-built algorithms that automatically decode every second of captured human interaction to provide enterprises with actionable insight to drive significant business value. Behavioral Analytics consists of three main...

Genesys PureEngage

Top Rated
90 Ratings

PureEngage is the enterprise version of the Genesys Customer Engagement Platform. It is designed to handle complex workflows and business processes, for global enterprises with multiple and multi-national locations (including outsourcing) and large peak volumes and populations.

Five9 Virtual Contact Center

Top Rated
17 Ratings

Five9 is cloud contact center software for inbound, outbound, blended, or multi-channel operations. This solution includes management capabilities such as campaign management, quality monitoring, real-time and historical reporting, and call recording. Optional applications include email, chat,...

NICE inContact CXone

Top Rated
17 Ratings

NICE inContact CXone is a cloud-based contact center platform that manages customer interactions across multiple communication channels. It includes features such as omnichannel routing, workforce optimization, automatic call distribution (ACD), and interactive voice response (IVR) system.

Calabrio ONE

13 Ratings

Calabrio One is a workforce optimization (WFO) platform for call centers, combining workforce management with call recording and analytics, from Calabrio headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

Aspect Workforce Management

20 Ratings

Aspect Software headquartered in Massachusetts offers Aspect Workforce Management, a suite of software which combines call center workforce management with advanced analytics features like call recording, speech analytics, eLearning for training, data sharing for schedule optimization across call...

Verint Workforce Optimization

18 Ratings

Verint offers their Workforce Optimization suite of software, which combines workforce management capabilities and analytics, and is configurable to meet the needs of back offices, branch locations, and enterprise call centers.

Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing

7 Ratings

Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing automatically routes calls by using advanced algorithms that predict the best available agent to handle each specific caller based upon performance, personal strengths, previous interaction history and behavioral characteristics such as personality and...


4 Ratings

PlayVox, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, offers their call center agent monitoring, coaching and QA platform, designed to motivate and improve the performance of call center agents and reps.

8x8 Virtual Contact Center

6 Ratings

8x8 offers their eponymous 8x8 Virtual Contact Center as a call center solution with in-built workforce optimization features, as well as an integration with Teleoptics to supply workforce management capabilities. The software is based at least partially on technology gained when 8x8 acquired...


1 Ratings

XenCALL is an all-in-one CRM and VoIP predictive dialer that aims to empower call centers and telemarketers to close more leads and increase sales across the board. Completely cloud-based with no downloads required, user-friendly, secure and intuitive, XenCALL also offers personalized training...

Vantage Point

1 Ratings

Vantage Point is a call center workforce management application from Pipkins in Chesterfield, Missouri.

NICE Uptivity

1 Ratings

NICE Uptivity is a suite of workforce analytics applications for call centers. The company Uptivity was acquired by inContact in May 2014, who in turn was acquired by inContact. NICE offers Uptivity as workforce management suite option for SMB call centers.

Teleopti WFM

2 Ratings

Swedish company Teleopti offers their eponymous workforce management system, Teleopti WFM, which may be used for call centers, back offices, branches and stores. It integrates with ZOOM International's ZOOM Quality Management (QM) Suite for a total call center optimization solution.

AgentTime Scheduler

2 Ratings

AgentTime Scheduler is a call center workforce modeling and scheduling option, from Portage Communications.

InVision Enterprise WFM

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

InVision Enterprise WFM is a call center software offering from InVision AG.


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

VPI EMPOWER is a suite of workforce analytics applications with a workforce management system, developed by Voice Print International (VPI) and acquired by NICE Systems in 2016.

Collab OneContact WFO

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

OneContact WFO (formerly OneWorkforce) is a workforce management system for call centers, from Portuguese company Collab.

CenturyLink Contact Center Services

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

CenturyLink Contact Center is a blended inbound / outbound configurable call center software solution.

Aspect Prophecy (formerly Voxeo)

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Aspect Prophecy is an IVR platform for integration into call center platforms that is also integrated into Aspect Software Call Center solutions since Aspect Software acquired Voxeo, the platform and the company, in mid-2013.

Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

The Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization platform for call centers provides analytic and scheduling capabilities, specifically for contact center workforces.

NICE Workforce Optimization

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

NICE Workforce Optimization is a suite of call center analytics and call center workforce management software from multinational NICE Systems headquartered in Israel.


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

INSPIRATIONneo is a workforce optimization (WFO) suite from ASC Technologies headquartered in Germany built around voice recording for quality management of contact centers and agents primarily, but also of use for other kinds of workforces (e.g. air traffic controllers).


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

injixo is a call center workforce management application from the German company of the same name.