A Fun, Easy to use and informative site for all!
May 26, 2016

A Fun, Easy to use and informative site for all!

Gina Del Sordo | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Mattersight Behavioral Analytics

The Mattersight Behavioral Analytics website is truly one of my favorite to use and teach. Currently it's used not only for showing the different styles of personalities we encounter every day, but it helps by recording the representatives' calls and documenting both coaching from supervisors as well as reps. This is something that has been utilized across our department and across the organization also. It helps address the business problem of showing the representatives how they can best assist the members and hear how they sound. Being able to understand how your personality can impact others is a huge advantage within the customer service role no matter what department. Being able to cater to the member directly for their needs also is fantastic!
  • Behavioral Model has not only great information on the different styles and examples of some day to day issues you may run into. It also gives relatable Actors/Characters/People who you could closely relate with. When explaining this to someone new to the personality profiles it is very helpful to show the connection.
  • The Search feature looking for calls and navigating throughout each of the tabs is truly user friendly. It gives you options that reflect a lot of information and ways to search so that it could be very specific and detailed for bringing up a broad search depending on what exactly you would need.
  • The HeatMap is a great tool for those who want to take a look at where their representatives stand in comparison to the others on their team who take those calls. Having a graph and a clear look to see where they fit in based on the expectations helps it look great.
  • Really the only part would be the logging in process. Sometimes the system locks you out or suspends the account when you try to log in for an additional time without reason.
  • MUCH Better Customer Service and Employee Satisfaction
  • Quick Coaching Opportunities
  • One stop shop for calls and coaching

Specifically listening to scenarios in which a representative has taken a phone call and they are unsure of what they were marked off on regarding quality or how they sound. It gives a great explanation of what the site has picked up on based on key words to reflect what personality style the rep was speaking with and how they could have better served them.

I think that is an incredible feature because it helps show and break down how we are all different and have different needs and wants.

Using Mattersight Behavioral Analytics

1000 - Customer Service for all Business Units across the board including our Community and State which is specifically how I utilize the site, Learning and Development within our Training programs showing the New Hires to the company and or their role how it could help with their career within the company, Supervisors and Leadership utilize to help with coaching, tracking and trending.
1 - You do have to go through a Training for Behavioral Analytics and pass that training prior to being able to train from that. It is a week training which helps the trainers be able to welcome the new hires to the website and show how it could best assist them within their career.
  • Customer Service Call Recording for tracking
  • Customer Service Coaching
  • Personality Profiles
  • For coaching opportunities
This site is very user friendly and easy to navigate as well as explain. It is visually appealing and very clear cut! It gives a lot of information and helps by having everything in one spot. Almost a one stop shop if you will! It gives information you may not use every day however you know it's available for you.