Dated Software, But Low Barrier to Entry and Easy to Manage
June 14, 2019

Dated Software, But Low Barrier to Entry and Easy to Manage

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Overall Satisfaction with Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is still used by many governmental organizations with historical databases, and as a result, when we consult with them, we occasionally need to turn in deliverables through Microsoft Access. The tool is somewhat dated, but it functions as a database and can create queries, forms, and reports. Clients often use Microsoft Access to store data on buildings, equipment, and other real estate infrastructure. For consulting projects, we occasionally create forms where data collectors can fill in the information they collected.

That data is then spun into bespoke reports for clients.
  • Well established software with a strong history.
  • Data tables are simple and functional.
  • Queries can be written in SQL or there is a query writing tool for users without SQL knowledge.
  • Dated software that does not get used very much anymore.
  • Cannot handle large amounts of data or "big" data.
  • Does not work on the cloud so collaboration is difficult.
  • Positive ROI due to it being a low-cost database solution.
  • Negative ROI due to the time needed to maintain the Access database as it grows.
  • Positive - There are some clients that require Microsoft Access.
Microsoft Access is a bit dated compared to other database tools. It is slower, not able to handle quantities of data that are as large as the other tools, and a bit more finicky. However, it is sometimes the preferred tool for some clients. It also has a lower barrier to entry for users - a general layperson could figure out how to use Microsoft Access with little database administration knowledge.

Other tools can handle much larger quantities of data, but require a user with specialized knowledge.
Microsoft Access is suited for projects where the database is already established as Microsoft Access. It is useful for one-off, low-budget projects where a small database is useful and no one has the time or budget to build another database from scratch. For a small team who can access the file in a shared location, it is a possible solution.

However, there are many other database tools out there these days that are more efficient and user-friendly, and Microsoft Access is not used too commonly anymore.