Best IDE -->Visual Studio
October 12, 2018

Best IDE -->Visual Studio

AMANDEEP KUNDRAO | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System

We are using Microsoft VS (2010,2013,2017) with the integration of Team Foundation Server(TFS) with it. We are using it to keep track of the whole software development life cycle. Each developer regularly checks code changes with the addition of Visual Studio to the TFS. As for the integration side, we are using it to clean , build, and deploy the code changes to different servers to upgrade them to the latest version.
  • Visual Studio supports many languages like C#,HTML.C++ and many others. We can also make Visual Studio to support other different languages with the help of plugins, like for Java, Python, etc.
  • We are using TFS with the VS, so it makes it easy to track the code and project changes, and if required we can also track the code of every single line to see what it means, by whom this code is written, and for which problem.
  • A unique work item change order number is assigned to the changes that you are making, apart from your shelveset creation
  • We can create the build definition through which we can automate the deployment and upgrade processes.
  • It provides a lot of menus and options/templates through which we can make our computer application for enterprise or for non-enterprise
  • We can easily integrate our customized/required menu in the VS through registry files or through deployment of the code
  • Need to make the changes so that it doesn't occupy most of the CPU utilization and memory
  • Execution of Bulky SQl Queries leads to either the SQl being out of exception or the VS being unresponsive
  • Integration with Microsoft products is easy, but with non-Microsoft products it is more difficult, and you have to make a lot of configuration changes to integrate
  • With every upgrade of the Visual Studio, like from VS 2010 to VS 2013 , we need to upgrade our hardware/machine, as the VS hardware requirement also increases
  • If code is getting compiled in one visual studio, like in VS 2010, that the same code could possibly give an error when compiled in VS 2013, due to certain changes in keyword, data format, etc., with the VS upgrade
  • It provides a great IDE to make things easier, clear, and compact. It has always been a positive ROI
  • It's worth the money. I don't think any other software could replace the VS. It has helped us a lot to making things ready on time
  • The only thing I dislike is that it takes a lot of memory space when in an idle state
For the last 4- 5 years I have only used VS. We can't imagine switching to another product. It is secure, reliable, intuitive, and easy to use. If we need to add compatibility of other language with this, then we need to simply add the Plugin and use it .
It has been a great tool when comes to code compilation. As a developer, it helps a lot for us to find issues in the code, as Microsoft Visual Studio Team System has the best debugging tools. We can also check the code line by line to find the exact line where the error is. Developers can also place their important code at their shelveset and can easily get it from there when they need to. As for integration, it helps us to compile large code and deploy the changes with a single GO.