Mindflash - An Easy and Effective LMS
Updated November 26, 2014

Mindflash - An Easy and Effective LMS

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One Child Matters is a nonprofit organization that serves children who live in poverty in sixteen developing nations around the world. My department, primarily responsible for training our international staff in all sixteen counties, uses Mindflash to instruct these same international staff in important service and program-oriented skills. Being a nonprofit, One Child Matters strives to decrease our administrative costs as much as possible in order to devote a maximum amount of resources to the children we serve. Traveling to our countries and training our staff in person costs a great deal in terms of both time and money. We simply do not have the resources necessary to train all of our staff in person. Mindflash allows us to train a large number of our international staff simultaneously, even if they are scattered across the world, for a fraction of the cost of in-person training.
  • One of the core strengths of Mindflash is undoubtedly is its ease of use. It is a very intuitive tool that any training manager can learn to use quite quickly. Additionally, Mindflash is very easy for the trainees to use as well. Trainees with even the most rudimentary of computer knowledge and skills can take training courses through Mindflash. Because it is so easy to use, trainers and trainees do not have to worry about spending inordinate amounts of time learning how to use it.
  • Mindflash's ability to automatically track trainees' progress, send trainees reminders, and record their course scores is fantastic. If you are like me, you probably do not have a surplus amount of time to manually track your trainees' progress and send reminders to them so they complete your training course. Mindflash takes care of these necessary but time-consuming tasks for you and does so well.
  • Being able to quickly view aggregated information on trainees' performance and progress should be a core strength of any LMS. Mindflash's advanced reporting aggregates and summarizes information you will want to know: the average score of trainees on a course, the amount of time trainees took to complete the course, etc. You can also quickly and easily see a list of trainees and their individual course scores. All of this information can be downloaded as well. Mindflash assists training managers by making such important information so readily available.
  • As a trainer, I want to ensure that trainees achieve proficiency before going on to the next course in a training series. Mindflash does not have the ability to stop trainees from going on to the next training course in a series if they do not secure a passing score on the proceeding course. This means that even if a trainee fails a training course in a training series, they can still go on to the next course. This creates the possibility of trainees going through an entire training series without having to master each course within the series.
  • Even though Mindflash has the ability to track trainee's course quiz scores, you cannot easily see which quiz questions were missed by which trainees. In order to see which questions each trainee missed, you have to look up their individual report. As of now, there is no ability to aggregate trainees' answers on quiz questions.
  • MIndflash has a few different quiz question types. One of the question types allows you to upload an image so can have trainees place label's next to the image in order to identify key parts of the image. Unfortunately, the image has to be really small for it to work. This really hinders one's ability to use this question type effectively.
  • Although I do not have hard numbers, I can undoubtedly tell you that our ROI has certainly been in positive territory. The cost per unit of training through Mindflash, versus that of in- person training, is very low.
I am extremely likely to continue using Mindflash for a few reasons. One, Mindflash has increased its capabilities dramatically during the year that I have been using it. Like any good business or service provider, Mindflash seems to have the desire to constantly improve its users experience. I know in another year, Mindflash will be better than it is today. For example, I know that Mindflash is at least exploring the possibility of adding language support to its capabilities. As someone who works in many non-English speaking countries, this would be a huge benefit to me.

Additionally, I have been very impressed by Mindflash's customer service. They have always been very helpful and gracious.
When making a decision about whether to choose Mindflash as your LMS, you will want to consider what kind of formats your training materials will typically be in. For example, will your trainings typically be PowerPoints, MP4s, PDFs, or Word documents? If yes, then Mindflash will work well for you. If your training materials are in other, less common formats then Mindflash will not work well for you. Before you make your decision on whether to use Mindflash, make sure that your training materials' formats are compatible with Mindflash.