One of the best NoSQL family databases
February 28, 2019

One of the best NoSQL family databases

Rounak Jangir | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with MongoDB

We are using this database to store the raw JSON data as documents. We are using this to store the user's activity as a row in JSON so that we can later process that data. This tool is not being used by everyone in the company, but only a few of us.
  • Good integration with the Hadoop ecosystem, so it can be used with the other services of the Hadoop ecosystem.
  • A good NoSQL family database, so you can easily store the raw data as documents.
  • Good scalability as you can easily share the data and have quick availability of data.
  • Easy replication of the data.
  • Learning will definitely take time.
  • Updating is not fast, so if you have a use case where you need to update your data at a high rate, then it is not a good choice
  • Easy to store the raw text data in the form of documents.
  • Easy integration with Hadoop's other services.
  • Scalability and availability is not an issue with this.
  • It doesn't perform well with a high rate of updating on data.
MongoDB and Cassandra are both database system from the NoSQL family. MongoDB can be used in lots of use cases while Cassandra has a specific usage. There are some features that MongoDB provides efficiently while Cassandra doesn't and vice-versa. Like, you can update the data in Cassandra at a very high rate with good performance, but performance will have a dip if you do the same on MongoDB.
I think it is the best NoSQL family database with lots of amazing features available. Shifting to the new database will need consideration of a few things like learning, scalability, availability of the data etc. As I don't see any other database that will serve my purpose better than MongoDB, I should keep using this only.
MongoDB is very much well suited if you are storing raw data. Also, it can be easily integrated into the Hadoop big data ecosystem, so it is useful if you have a large amount of data. Scalability is another amazing feature of this database system. But MongoDB will not perform well if you have a use case where you have to update your data very frequently. In case of frequent updates, Cassandra will be a better option.

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