GTD: Gets Things Done
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April 22, 2014

GTD: Gets Things Done

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When I worked at a newspaper, we launched an entertainment website that functioned as an arm of our entertainment section. It was used by about a dozen people, who essentially functioned as bloggers. So basically, we were using it as a content management system. I also seem to recall that the newspaper used Movable Type to make posts to the news side of the website. We all had our own logins and would schedule postings to particular parts of the entertainment website and the newspaper site. I would characterize our use as departmental, specifically from an editorial perspective.
  • It provided easy management of blog postings. I was able to set up content early and schedule my posts for a later date.
  • The interface was user friendly so you don't need to spend a lot of time in training. I was able to figure out a lot of the product on my own.
  • You could assign different administrative privileges to certain people. This means that certain people could only post to certain modules.
  • While it's beneficial to be able to assign administrative rights to a user so they can only post to certain places of a website, I can recall that Movable Type did not inform general users of the types of privileges they had. So, for example, when I knew I needed to make a posting to a certain area, and was unable to do so, I was not informed that I did not have access to make that posting. It would have been helpful for Movable Type to post a message on the screen, saying that I needed more permissions. This was very frustrating, especially when I was on deadline for a newspaper story.
  • Unfortunately, (or fortunately), I do not recall other negative experiences. I thought it was a pretty clean, friendly interface.
  • A product like this doesn't require a lot of time looking for IT support. It's easy and fast to use and you can learn it on the fly.
  • Employees worked efficiently and quickly, often by writing their stories directly into Movable Type. There was never any down time and product updates were always within the scope of the overall interface, so we could always pick up right where we left off and intuitively navigated an improved interface that provided for an enhanced experience.
Movable Type can be compared to WordPress. It's easy to use, and I would say Movable Type is actually more user-friendly.
I give it a rating of 8 points because it was so easy to use. I also gave it this number because I can't remember anything particularly impressive. It's just a good, decent product. It gets the job done and efficiently.

I currently don't use Movable Type and have not used it in three years so the question referencing the renewal decision does not apply to me.
Know who your users will be. Are they tech savvy? Do they know HTML? Do they need access to HTML or style sheets? If so, make sure that the access Movable Type provides is enough for your administrators/users. I think Movable Type does a good job of finding a middle ground. You don't really need to be an expert in HTML. It seems to be a good product for people who are professional communicators-- such as journalists.