Software Solution Excellent, Support (Today) is not Excellent
Updated August 19, 2015

Software Solution Excellent, Support (Today) is not Excellent

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Nintex Workflow for Sharepoint

Overall Satisfaction with Nintex Workflow

We use Nintex Workflow for to solve a variety of problems. The most common are approvals; Nintex makes designing a workflow approvals painless. For more complex problems we use a SharePoint list to manage profiles for our employees to a hosted fax solution. The SharePoint list has a workflow that uses LDAP query to find AD Properties and the a site workflow that takes the information from the SharePoint list and exports it to a CSV file. This file is then emailed to the hosted fax solution where they then to a bulk update of our information.

Another complex solution takes where SharePoint has the content organizer and gives it steroids. By having a central library we can upload documents to there and then place additional rules on that library that does web service calls to gather more information from our line of business applications and then creates document sets to place those documents in.

  • Easy of use
  • Intuitive
  • Variety of action
  • Error handling - not all the actions allow for handling errors within the workflow, rather the workflow errors.
  • Support - Back in 2007 their support was amazing, but lately in the last few months it has been difficult to get things fixed in a timely fashion
  • Building Workflow - Time reduced drastically from SharePoint Designer. The built in approval forms make everything simple!
  • K2 blackpearl
I am unfamiliar with K2 today, but back in 2007 K2's product was unpolished and priced beyond our budget. It made it an easy decision to go with Nintex.
Once you start building in Nintex, then you never will go back to using built in or SharePoint Designer workflows.

Using Nintex Workflow

The biggest reason to renew is because of the sunk cost of all of the existing workflows that we have built. We would have to rebuild all of the workflows in SharePoint designer and/or have reduced functionality because of the things we are doing with Nintex that are not possible out of the box with Designer.

Nintex Workflow Implementation

Nintex Workflow Support

The Tier 1 support is horrible. It wasn't always this way. Previously their support was great, but lately when submitting support tickets they get lost, I have to ask for status updates and engage with the VP of support to get results.
Problems get solved
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Less knowledgeable
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Need to explain problems multiple times
Slow Initial Response
Yes - We pay for support because this gives us a licenses for our Dev environment and free upgrades both minor and major.
Yes - It depends on the level of impact with the bug. If it is mission critical they will release a hotfix and then that hotfix is included in the next minor version. However, if it is a minor bug, then it gets put on the list to address at some point. I had submitted a bug related to the inline function of format date. It had to do with a space after the common and lower case d as this "fn-FormatDate({WorkflowVariable:MyDate}, d)" did not return the standard d function from Microsoft and this fn-FormatDate({WorkflowVariable:MyDate},d) didn't work. After 6 plus months, this was fixed, but it broke several workflows where I had used one of the functions. It was great that it was fixed, but there was zero follow up that this had been resolved and I need to be aware of it when we update to the next minor version.
I have had excellent support with Nintex, but only after requesting a conference call and a GoTo meeting when I could demonstrate the issue. A previous issue had to do with the query function where a update limited the number of results based on how it retrieved data. After rebuilding a perfect example, showing how this worked normal in a previous example and 2 GoTo meetings, Tier 1 support final agreed that it was broken and moved it to Tier 2 support. It was a fight to, but after it got to the Development department, I was issued a hotfix in less than a day.

Using Nintex Workflow

Its usability is second to none. The features and extensibility within the product allow the complex to become simple.

Nintex Workflow Reliability

The product is amazing. If you can think it, then there is a workflow for it.