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Oracle Dyn Managed DNS: "Migrated from basic DNS service to Managed DNS product." Dyn Managed DNSUnspecified8.3131101
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July 12, 2018

Oracle Dyn Managed DNS: "Migrated from basic DNS service to Managed DNS product."

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Dyn Managed DNS

We haven't required much support but we've always reached a resolution when we have. The transition from their basic product to the Managed DNS product wasn't completed entirely the first time though.
For an IT professional it's a very useful interface to quickly manage your DNS.
We switched to Managed DNS from the basic DNS product in order to gain access to the automatic monitors and failover of our critical systems. While the monitoring isn't particularly advanced (really just up/down) it is very effective and even fails over (and back again) during very brief server reboots.

The rest of the product isn't that different from a basic DNS provider and works adequately.
  • DNS Active Failover is fast and easy to set up.
  • Basic DNS settings are easy to view and change.
  • Dyn now has multiple control panels for its various products and services. It's not always easy to find what you are looking for.
  • Switching to the Managed DNS product from the simple one was advertised as an instant changeover, but it didn't work that way for us. Months later we were still being charged for the basic service and our domain was still showing up in the old system.
  • The Active Failover product has allowed us to set up a failover site so during an outage our users don't get time-out errors.
  • We've been using Dyn's DNS products for over a decade now and have appreciated the flexibility of having all of our domains with short TTLs.
We have not used the vendor-agnostic connectivity layer.
We've only had the product less than a year but the uptime has been 100% so far.
Managed DNS is great for a small to medium sized business looking for reasonably priced DNS services that offer a decent amount of features. It offers quite a bit more than your average registrar.