Podio offers communication integration with few headaches.
Updated February 27, 2015

Podio offers communication integration with few headaches.

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Overall Satisfaction with Podio

We initially tested Podio as a CRM and project management tool. Our choice was driven by the need to integrate these two functions as much of the information and communication retained at the lead/opportunity stage is needed later in the project lifecycle. Currently we are using Podio as an integrated CRM, project management, and knowledge base platform. We are
currently using Podio for operations and marketing and may use it to interface with accounting in the future. Podio addresses the problem of tracking communication within the organization. The platform does a good job of breaking up into functional workspaces and keeping tasks and emails in order.

  • Podio is great for organizing and storing communication. The ability to break project into logical chunks and organize events vs deliverables vs contacts works well. The email in to app (bcc the app item) is absolutely key and makes the platform more valuable.
  • Mobile access works well and makes it easy to find needed information on the fly.
  • The ability to integrate external users into just the needed portions of the platform works well and is a great time saver. It reduces a great deal of duplication in setting up events and sending invites.
  • Podio also manages notification well. Users can set the amount and form of notification they get on an individual basis and the daily summary works well.
  • The biggest issue with Podio is the confusion with contacts. Podio has multiple forms of contacts which can be confusing and impact functionality. For CRM external contacts can be used but they can't be customized as needed (grouped by organization, link to social profiles, etc). To address this creating a contacts app works but limits other functionality (seeing contacts as contacts from mobile, callouts in comments). Currently I am using the contacts as an app method but hope the developers will integrate this better in the future.
  • The double edged sword of functionality vs simplicity falls a little against Podio as a platform. While many of the key functions are well thought out the inability to customize as needed can be frustrating. Coming from a traditional database (access, salesforce, etc) mentality the lack of data types and ability to customize is limiting.
  • Mobile access can also be frustrating depending on the use. Podio has stated that they want the system to be live and interactive so having an offline version doesn't make sense. While that makes sense it can be a deal breaker for mobile users with spotty connections.
  • Podio is great for task assignment and tracking. The ability to enter and assign tasks from mobile and track their completion saves me several phone calls a day.
  • Podio outdoes email as my go to place to search for information. The ability to forward emails into the system, organize by projects and contacts, and search it all saves considerable time and confusion.
  • Podio has considerable potential to reduce overall admin time spent organizing information (filing, tracking, etc) The ability to keep a single record of a given piece of information without being tied to email vs file structure works very well.
The direct Podio competitors we evaluated were Base CRM, Quickbase, and Insightly. Base CRM is a fantastic CRM product and I would love to use it. The problems is it stops at CRM. Base is really more for a sales environment than one that has a complex project lifecycle. Quickbase is a start towards whats needed to transition from a traditional platform to an integrated one. They fall short on integration (emails, events, data) being easily pushed into the system. Insightly came close to what we need. It is a great CRM system that leaves something to be desired for project management. It does a good job of integrating information but falls short as a serious project management tool in valuing ease too highly over customization.
Podio works well for dynamic teams that need to communicate on the fly and have active users. As a platform it might be more difficult for teams with very specific processes or needs. Important factors to consider are mobile vs desktop access, the need to integrate with other data(custom db, exchange vs gmail, etc), and how structured system data needs to be.

Using Podio

Overall Podio has done a good job of meeting our organizational needs and being flexible enough to become part of our existing process. They have done a good job improving the product in the time I have been using it with 2 of 3 major gripes resolved in the past year. I have been impressed with the activity of the developers and support staff on the the forums and the delivery of new features according to what is requested. Podio delivers good value and hopefully will continue to improve.