Qualtrics Take Me Away
July 21, 2016

Qualtrics Take Me Away

Erika Meeske | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Qualtrics

We use Qualtrics to conduct national, regional, and property specific surveys related to the gaming and hospitality industries. The surveys allow our company to identify trends in the industry ahead of our competitors and provide crucial data that feeds our modeling process leading to more accurate forecasts. For our clients, the property specific surveys of their customer databases help our clients understand the preferences and habits of their customers and assist in determining what amenities to develop at their properties, ultimately leading to longer length of stay and increased property revenues.
  • First and foremost, the ability to program the survey myself reduces costs significantly compared to what we would pay a programmer. It also allows us to edit and make the inevitable last minute changes that always tend to occur.
  • The ability to tailor the survey to meet our or our clients' specifications leads to better responses. To illustrate, I am able to incorporate my clients color schemes and logos for their customer database surveys which leads to greater trust in the survey and incrementally more completed surveys. When it comes to new development ideas, Qualtrics allows me to use video and graphics to best describe and portray a potential development idea thereby resulting in better, more educated responses. This ability allowed me to run a college survey for a $450 million stadium redevelopment that was sent to over 250,000 alumni and resulted in 25,000 completed responses.
  • The previous point leads to my greatest point which is the ability to generate easy reports and disseminate the data through cross tabs. In the past I had used SPSS, which I found less than user friendly. Being able to cross tabulate and create instant visuals through Qualtrics reporting not only saves me an astounding amount of time, but also eliminates the stress that other programs have caused in the past.
  • I use their panels quite often when running our national and regional surveys for random samples of people. Their panels team is always very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. After I program my surveys, they take over and run the survey to achieve the appropriate amount of responses based on my quotas. The process is effortless and much easier than when we hired another company to run our regional and national surveys. Additionally they have several panel houses from which they can get a random sample which reduces the cost considerably.
  • The only weakness I can think of was the reporting in Beta mode. However since then there have been significant improvements and the reporting element runs beautifully.
  • Not sure if this is an issue anymore, however in the beginning they gave quicker support to their larger clients. That being said, today when I had a questions for support they got back to me within the hour.
  • The greatest impact Qualtrics has had on me is on my time. I am so much more efficient with this platform. The ease of programming and simple abilities to program skip or display logic has even helped me become better at writing because it opened up so many new survey design possibilities.
  • In terms of our business, the ease of programming cut the project timeline in half. No longer do we have to send drafts back and forth with the programmer at a cost every time. The platform has streamlined our process and allowed us to complete more projects in a year and increase our revenues.
  • In terms of cost, this platform is just a fraction of what we used to pay to run national and regional surveys.
I used to pull my hair out using IBM SPSS. The instructions were difficult to follow and the programming took forever. Since we have sued Qualtrics I have never used anything else since. If I never have to open IBM SPSS again it'll be too soon. One other thing that I forgot to say about the benefits of this platform is the ability to enter raw data from previous surveys (pre-Qualtrics) and use the Qualtrics platform to analyze the old data or compare with new survey data. This is a huge bonus since we often like to compare our regional and national surveys to previous years.
Best suited for any kind of survey, large or small. We even use our license for internal reviews these days as well as to receive client reviews on our work product.

Using Qualtrics

1 - I put just one because I am in charge of all the programming and surveys. That being said, our entire company uses it to review each other, so in that sense 12 people use it.
1 - Just me. There wasn't a need for others to learn it since I am the only one running surveys.
  • Our national and regional surveys of random samples of people in the United States to help us keep up on gaming and hospitality trends, habits and preferences.
  • To help our clients understand what their customers want in a casino development and their habits and preferences so that they can better serve their customers.
  • Internally this has allowed us to survey our clients to improve on our services as well as review each other for personal growth.
  • We are still learning them, but the internal review process is brand new.
  • Getting feedback from our customers.
  • Comparing old surveys pre-Qualtrics to new surveys that we used Qualtrics for.
  • Still learning that one. But we are using it now to judge our webinars to understand topics that we might want to cover and hear feedback on our past webinars.
We won't use anything other than Qualtrics going forward. I've never seen a better product.

Qualtrics Support

They have always gotten back to me quickly and always solved my problems.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - Wasn't sure it was available. But even if it was I wouldn't pay for it. The regular support team is quick and helpful.
Yes - Back when they had Beta reporting, users were encouraged to report any issues they were having so that Qualtrics could build the best platform for reporting. And they did. It's really great.
Yep. I was running a survey of college alumni for a huge university in Texas. This survey was the first one that I had ever programmed and it was for a potential $450 million dollar redevelopment of their college football stadium. The support staff were on the phone with me so many times I couldn't even count helping me achieve my programming goals. The programming was pretty intense in that there were multiple qualifiers and skip logic. They helped me through the entire process. They even reviewed the survey for me to make sure I had everything right. Suffice it to say this was a crash course in learning the Qualtrics platform.

We sent out the survey link in hopes of receiving 2000 completed responses. We ended up reaching that within the hour and we had to work quickly to broaden our license. We ended up with nearly 25,000 completed responses.

Using Qualtrics

I can't imagine ever using another platform or tool. I love the Qualtrics Platform.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Programming
  • Viewing Results
  • Creating Reports
  • Working with Panels.
  • It took me a day or so to learn how to program the survey flow. Once I learned the basics it opened up a whole new level of survey programming that I had previously not even considered.
  • Learning about the various survey questions was interesting but not cumbersome. It allowed me to think about how I want the data reported which in turn improved the quality of my survey.
  • It has inspired me to learn coding which I have not found to be easy. At least not yet.