React - Scalable UIs and Happy Developers
March 28, 2019

React - Scalable UIs and Happy Developers

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Overall Satisfaction with React

We have adopted React as the UI library for all of our different applications and products. It allows us to build scalable user interfaces - both for performance for the client, as well as scalable for in the code base. As our company continues to grow and scale, React remains intuitive and simple to work with. It allows us to build complex single page applications while providing an incredible developer experience.
  • React is fantastic for building performant user interfaces. Our web app is snappy and great for our customers.
  • React has the philosophy of doing one thing and doing it well which is the view layer of the application. This makes it incredibly intuitive and flexible for developers to use.
  • React has lead the way in being able to write modular and structured code. It is a drastic improvement since the days of spaghetti jQuery code.
  • React has an unmatched community. The amount of tools and libraries available is fantastic, and there plenty of solutions available online for common problems.
  • Since React only does one area of the web app (the view layer), this means the developer must patch together the rest of their web app instead of having a single go-to solution. Additional things you need include are routing and state management.
  • React was the leader for building web apps using component architecture. This means that it did get some things wrong, such as making complex classes and having some things difficult to understand. Other libraries have benefited from the learnings of React.
  • The React world moves quickly, and this can mean that code can become outdated quickly. This rapid change can be fatiguing for developers.
  • React has allowed us to build features faster, allowing us to ship new content frequently for our customers.
  • React is well supported and has a huge community. That makes it easy to hire developers and find solutions to common problems.
  • React is built for modularity and code reuse through components. This allows us to create a solution once and share it across teams, allowing us to save developer time.
There are other options for building SPAs, and the two most common aside from React are Vue and Angular. React has been the leader of the pack for a while and has been an innovator. Angular is good for companies that want an opinionated framework so that it standardizes practices. However, Angular is known to be more difficult to work with and unnecessarily complex. Vue is seen as taking the best from React and Angular, and it is built for incremental upgrades. Vue has a passionate and growing user base, but it hasn't quite caught React in popularity.
React is great for people who are trying to build complex single page web applications. It is intuitive for developers, encourages modularity through components, and provides a web app this will scale. React may not be suited as well for simple websites or static content. However, this is changing with frameworks like Gatsby which allow you to build static HTML websites using React.