RedPrairie is the best tool a distribution team can have in their toolbox to help reinforce their employees and take away obstacles.
Updated December 09, 2015

RedPrairie is the best tool a distribution team can have in their toolbox to help reinforce their employees and take away obstacles.

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Overall Satisfaction with RedPrairie

I have used RedPrairie in my last company of 18 years, which was a big box distribution company 1.8 million square feet with 9 other distribution companies and over 1500 stores. RedPrairie was the most positive tool we worked with and it was compatible with all existing tools we were using such as voice pick, RF and pick to light. The simplicity of the program gave us great data to provide our employees with feedback and was easily accepted by my management team. I wish the present company I work for had the chance to see the value of the RedPrairie system compared to the system we are currently using. I have many supervisors and managers that have used RedPrairie in their past experience and agree that it is a very valuable tool for many companies in distribution or any company that needs reliable data to improve process and give employees valuable feedback.
  • Provides great and reliable data to give feedback to your employees.
  • Gives you data to see the true picture on effectiveness in youf production areas.
  • The tools and reports are endless and can be used by the front line supervisor and the management team to see trend lines on performance and gaps that need to be closed.
  • There are not many areas I have seen that need to be improved afher you know the system.
  • RedPrairie has a big jump over many companies because it is 3D and takes all factors in consideration.
  • I do not have any thing bad to say about RedPrairie.
  • It is not cheap but pays off in the long run.
  • RedPraire help you find the low hanging fruit thar we just don't see each day because you feel busy and don't dig in to find the root cause.
  • I have seen the effectiveness rate of employees rise from 45% to 95% within 90 days.
RedPrairie has been the leading tool for me. I have worked with many others which I do not want to name, but RedPrairie is worth the money in the long run.
I have been in big box retail companies for over 30 years and find RedPrairie is one of the biggest tools you can give to your management team to reinforce their staff's hard work and drill down to find any obstacles that get in the employee's way of succeeding in their daily tasks.

Using RedPrairie

I found RedPraire to be the best system I have used of the years.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Requires technical support
Feel nervous using
  • All the data was easy to get for the managment team
  • Break down by fution was good to see on a daily bases.
  • I did not find anything difficult to use after we trained the stafff.
  • Getting data fromthe system was easy for my staff.