RedSeal is a leader in Audit and Compliance
January 10, 2019

RedSeal is a leader in Audit and Compliance

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Overall Satisfaction with RedSeal

We went through an initiative to find a network and firewall modeling, compliance, and change management tool. RedSeal was one of the products evaluated. Testing looked at multiple tools and was focused on finding a tool that could support business operations and compliance. While RedSeal was not selected, it is a full-featured tool that covered most of our needs but lacked functionality required for next-generation firewall compliance and management.


  • RedSeal is great for compliance
  • RedSeal is a great tool for path investigation and risk analysis
  • RedSeal has a great network model/map


  • Next-generation firewall support
  • Change management process integration
  • RedSeal will provide positive ROI for its ease of compliance and audit reviews
  • RedSeal will provide positive ROI for network documentation and path analysis
RedSeal outperforms both Skybox and Tufin in the area of audit and compliance and can work with aging firewall technologies (stateful firewalls) and network gear (routers and switches). It is better than Tufin in respect to next-generation firewall assessments but is behind Skybox in this area. RedSeal also lacks change management integration which both Skybox and Tufin have.
RedSeal is a great tool for audit and compliance. It can do configuration analysis, audit against "golden" configurations, and map a network with little user interaction. RedSeal is not great for an environment where a tool like this must be fully integrated into not only audit and compliance, but also into change management.


  • John G | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Next-Generation Firewalls- RedSeal has been supporting them since 2018. Please reference the following information and adjust the review where/when needed. This is from article that was written back then: Next Generation Firewalls: - Large enterprises with Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) can now use RedSeal to visualize access and validate policies at the application level (Layer 7), as well as at the networking level (Layers 2, 3 and 4). No other security, network modeling or cyber risk scoring product provides this level of visibility, understanding and validation for an organization’s security posture. With this kind of visibility within and between their network environments, users can understand and prioritize incidents and vulnerabilities wherever they are. This is a significant new capability because traditional firewall policies are based on the networking level—defined by source, destination, port, and protocol. NGFWs, however, are becoming more prevalent in networks and users can create policies, to be implemented by the firewalls, based on the identities of specific applications or Application IDs. For example, RedSeal can validate a “Deny Skype” policy that has been applied to specific addresses, or across all ports and protocols, further strengthening the user’s security posture. Here is another Article that also mentions what we are doing around Change Management too: - The RedSeal platform gives you the ability to quickly think through the impact of change prior to acting. It tells you what you have, how it’s connected, and where your risks are. RedSeal discovers the devices on your network and creates a digital network model of how everything is connected. The model can provide deep insights into the implications and impact of change. On the submarine, the requirement to stop and think not only gives sailors time to process using their own experience and knowledge, but also allows teammates with additional experience and knowledge to think and intervene before mistakes are made. RedSeal is a reliable teammate you can have by your side as you execute change management. It knows how everything is interconnected and can better show you the impact of a proposed change. RedSeal has been doing Network Security for over 20+ years and give you one pane of glass for silo'd networks, private, public and hybrid cloud environments too.

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