RStudio: Difficult Learning Curve with Matching Pay Off
Updated September 10, 2021

RStudio: Difficult Learning Curve with Matching Pay Off

Matthew Stewart | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with RStudio

RStudio is being implemented by our analytics department to help solve complex client problems by utilizing the data and statistical packages available through RStudio. The ability to perform far more accurate multi-linear regression models and time-series forecasts has helped our clients not only see where they are going in terms of sales but also what affects their sales.
  • Data Organization
  • Multi-Linear Regression
  • Data Visualization
  • Time-Series Forecasting
  • As a scripting language, it is not a pick up and go platform. You need to spend the time to learning the program.
  • Platform versions and Package versions often do not align.
  • Would love to see standard templates that would generate a basic code for statistical models. This could save time and help newer users learn how to operate the program.
  • 6 consecutive months of accurate statistical forecasting during covid
  • Hundreds of hours saved thanks to R's packages
  • Lots of public data sets available
When comparing RStudio to automated platforms like Obviously or STATA, the trade-off is personal development versus consistency and immediate gratification. As someone who got into Analytics more recently and learned everything on the job, RStudio was a fantastic tool. While challenging, it forced me to learn all the statistical languages, how the program worked, and evaluate the actual model versus being given one. This difference was key for my growth. However, when working with a team of users or for a group that is running a significant amount of models, writing custom code becomes laborious and inefficient and teams may want to go with those instead.

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RStudio is a fantastic program for anyone looking to do data organization, visualization, or statistical analysis. It excels if your team is looking to take a heavier investment into a complex platform. RStudio does not have a native spreadsheet editor and newer users will have to learn how to edit their data in the platform.

This is NOT a pick up and go platform as we are used to. It has hundreds of advantages and can be customized to near perfection. Yet, it will require many hours of investment. I would suggest looking at other pre-built platforms if the team is smaller.

Using RStudio

1 - Only our marketing analyst uses RStudio. It is primarily used for statistical forecasting but has also been used for:
  • Data visualization
  • Data animation
  • Geographical visualization
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Non-Linear Correlation
  • Data Cleaning / Organization
  • CDI/BDI Analysis

Ultimately, RStudio is a fantastic tool for any sized company to make their standard analysis tool.
1 - As RStudio is an IDE for R, which is a statistical programming language, businesses will need statistically/analytically minded people to learn RStudio. Furthermore, users will need to know how to research what packages can help them solve their problem quickly and effectively. We would also recommend having someone develop a RStudio library at each business so that code can be reused and edited by different users.
  • Forecasting
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Animation
  • Multi-Linear Regressions
  • Media Channel Analyses
  • Cluster Analyses
RStudio is the premier tool for statistical analysis. While it does require an understanding of how the program works and the language, its flexibility and continually growing support base amongst the community make it the best for solving simple or complex problems. The only thing that prevents it from being a 10 is the lack of a support network and how it can be difficult to branch out into new analyses while other programs can have them performed in a few minutes.