Easiest integration with your CRM....EVER!
April 30, 2013

Easiest integration with your CRM....EVER!

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Overall Satisfaction

  • CRM Integration - This product (Manticore) is extremely easy to integrate with Microsoft CRM and with Saleforce.com. It takes mere minutes to set up the integration and does not require IT support to integrate. Other systems I looked at required a days work for integration and an extra fee for integration and/or support.
  • Marketing Automation - It is very easy to drag and drop actions for workflow development. Once an automated process is activated, it also shows you how many people are at what stage of the process and allows you to download these people at that particular step.
  • Email Creation - Manticore gives you a variety of email creation options, Templates, WYSIWYG editor, and HTML code options. The tabs when creating an email are simple to follow and take you through each step to test and launch a campaign.
  • List Building for Resends - I like to resend my email campaigns to non-openers and there is no easy way to pull this list within Manticore (If did not open this email is not an option). Typically I pull the report for the campaign, then re-import my list of non-openers to create a new list.
  • Campaign Results - We are monitoring the lead sources and evaluating our marketing spending based on the results.
  • Lead Qualification before handing to sales - Our team is spending less time walking unqualified leads through a sales process manually (reps sending information to leads when just researching), giving sales more sales-ready leads.
  • More communication with less time spent - Making campaigns automated, rather than a push to send manual process - helps our team to expend energy on other, larger projects.
Ease of integration: our team is moving from Microsoft CRM Dynamics to Salesforce.com and the Manticore team has been very helpful in our move.

Product Usage

3 - Marketing
  • Marketing Automation - System is used to send automatic responses after lead capture form is submitted, then subsequently follow up based on the lead's interactions with emails sent (opened, clicked, not opened).
  • Lead Scoring - Assigns scores to incoming leads based on qualification attributes (lead type), as well as scores lead's online activity on website and with emails.
  • Email Marketing - Executes and tracks individual email marketing campaigns
  • Unique Landing Page Tracking - Creates unique web links to track campaigns


It was the easiest integration and implementation that I've ever experienced. I've implemented other CRM integrated services before that provided the same services as Manticore that were extremely technical and expensive to integrate with Salesforce.com or Microsoft CRM Dynamics, or just plain couldn't integrate.
  • Implemented in-house
We did our own implementation, but as described previously, our CRM integration took a matter of minutes and was included with our paid subscription.


Training was done online, but was one-on-one, giving me a lot of time to ask very specific product questions. They also walk you through setting up a test campaign, email, and landing page.


You can customize parts of Manticore, like your dashboard.


The Manticore team is very knowledgeable, I haven't had an issue where a ticket was left unanswered or unresolved.
No - Support is included, you don't pay a premium. When you sign up with Manticore, you get a dedicated Customer Management Team Member that is assigned to your account and access to their trouble ticket "Help" area, along with access to their Forum area. The Forum posts are very helpful for self service and are written by Manticore team members.


Some of the actions require you to be in a specific section before actions are available to you, like adding a list. You first have to navigate to that section for options to be available to you.


Manticore hardly ever has "product down time" and almost never during a normal work day for our company.
Email campaigns are deployed instantly when you launch, unlike other Marketing Automation tools I've used in the past that queue emails in batches and can take hours to complete a send.


  • Microsoft CRM Dynamics
  • Salesforce.com
EASY! I can't stress this point enough, the integration of this product is the easiest that I've ever implemented. I was up and running in a matter of minutes and information was flowing into CRM that day, instead of after a sync up at the end of business day (as I've experienced with other systems).

Vendor Relationship

Very easy, our Salesperson was timely in his responses to our questions and made himself available for multiple product demos. Our rep checks in with me at least once a quarter to see how our ongoing experience is with the product and to see how communication has been with product support.
There pricing structure is pretty cut and dried, and in conjunction to how big of a database you are going to need (lead count-wise).