SDL Tridion, good for Multi-brand companies, not for everybody else.
April 08, 2014

SDL Tridion, good for Multi-brand companies, not for everybody else.

Deepak Narisety | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Software Version

SDL Tridion 2013

Modules Used

  • SiteEdit 2012
  • Fredhopper (Smart Target)

Overall Satisfaction with SDL Tridion

SDL Tridion is a great content management software, if your needs are to manage lots of sites, with translated content. I chose Tridion for a rather large company to use for its 500 plus brand websites. The blueprint model made it an ideal choice to share modules but still maintain an distinct look and feel. Tridion helped leverage the concept of reuse and shorten the time to create new web properties across different brand experiences.
  • The blueprint concept is great, helps facilitate the sharing of code and content.
  • Separation of content and presentation makes it easy to share content across multiple properties, even publish to mobile and gaming platforms a possibility.
  • Workflow and the workflow Visio tool is very powerful. It can be used for various customizations.
  • Content Porter, is your friend and at times can be a pain, but mostly it's your friend
  • Moving between environments, dev, qa, uat and production is simplified.
  • Oh that Broker db.
  • Installations, do you have a month. I'm joking, but yes it is quite complicated to install SDL Tridion and its many parts.
  • Personalization with Smart Target, requires a PHD in software science. The integration between the products is just not there.
  • SiteEdit 2012 and the new Tridion UI, is a bit outdated. The UI can use a little help from a user experience perspective. It is not tablet friendly.
  • SDL Tridion has a positive impact as it was used for a multi-brand company. The leverage model saved lots of money in managing code and content. People were not spending time recreating code and content.
  • Adobe CQ
Adobe does a great job in managing sites. Its user interface for authors is intuitive and leaps and bounds better than SDL Tridions new 2013 UI. The ease of install and management makes Adobe CQ a much better product. However, Adobe CQ (AEM) has limitations. It cannot scale as well as SDL Tridion does when managing content in the MM of pages. Also, it forces you to use the CQ UI. If you want to create different experiences and leverage code, it becomes difficult, but still do able. In general, i would recommend Adobe CQ over SDL Tridion for almost all companies but the large multi-brand companies.
If your company is managing lots of websites, and would like custom Content Delivery Applications for them, then SDL Tridion is the right tool. Perfect for companies like Unilever, Kimberly Clark, Kraft, where the brand experience is unique however, costs need to be managed. Do not use Tridion if all you have is one or two website manage.

Using SDL Tridion

It's a complex sum of pieces, that takes forever to install and manage.