Finally, a marketing automation platform built truly for an agency's success.
Updated February 25, 2015

Finally, a marketing automation platform built truly for an agency's success.

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Overall Satisfaction with SharpSpring

We're a hybrid team of experienced 360 performance-driven inbound marketing professionals serving B2B and B2C companies across America. We utilize SharpSpring day to day for our inbound marketing needs, as well as the valued clients we are blessed to serve and look to us to lead them to online success.

One of the core business problems SharpSpring addressed for us from the onset, and why we are true advocates of the platform, is its support for a true inbound sales funnel, at a 360 level. So we're able to manage, automate and evolve a true stranger into a visitor into a lead into a raving fan, all through the power of SharpSpring.

Anyone trying to patch together programs (and of course we tried this when we first started) like MailChimp and GravityForms (both exceptional products on their own that we also use) to implement a "true marketing automation design" is leaving much on the table for themselves and their clients alike.
  • It's a platform that delivers ease of use and attention to user experience.
  • It supports an agency-focused pricing model.
  • It comes with authentic and exceptional unlimited support.
  • Enable more sorting options in the contact manager would be a plus for us.
  • Enable a feature to allow you to create fully custom templates
  • Enable a way to send an automated transactional email is welcomed (especially for our eCommerce clients)
  • Adjust the agency pricing model so we are charged "per user as we add them" rather than in groups (up to 5, up to 10, up to 15) is very welcome (hint hint ;)
  • The VisitorID feature (for B2B customers) is golden for us and our clients alike. Knowing what corporations are visiting the site (without any interaction on their end) is a remarkable feature. And as a member of a sales team, a serious tool to have in the bag. Huge positive impact across the board with this alone.
  • With the robust workflow automation features, we've been able to shave time off lead to customer rates. Its night and day when one can automate a personalized lead automation process that educates a prospect while keeping your brand top of mind.
  • The CRM features of this tool allow a sales team to focus on warm leads (based on lead scoring) which saves them time and helps them focus on people that are ready to hear from them as opposed to those leads at the top of the funnel that aren't.
  • HubSpot,Hatchbuck
HubSpot is certainly at the top of their game, we like them a lot and are advocates of their company as a whole. But when it came down to the size of companies "we supported", their pricing model just didn't fit for us, especially since it seemed to increase year after year. Again they are a great company and have experienced tremendous success, we just knew we needed to find a equivalent platform that truly delivered agency-focused pricing for the level of business we supported.

From HubSpot we engaged with Hatchbuck. They too are a great company with an exceptional staff. It appeared over some time and really digging in, spending much time working on their platform, that they (at the time) still had some kinks to figure out and well after several bad experiences with our clients, we had to make a decision to press onward with another platform which is how we came to learn about SharpSpring and we haven't looked back.
Now that we've been using the platform for close to a year and have experienced their support, we believe its a no-brainer to continue a strong partnership with SharpSpring. We look forward to all they have in store and are confident that they will continue to be a leading marketing platform and that makes us happy!
Questions to ask in a selection process, for me - are at the core - centered around customer service and a commitment to excellence! We looked for a company that offered a robust platform, but at the core genuine support and a focus to achieve and become leaders. The team that supports the platform is far more important than the platform itself as you can make a platform better but can't change hearts of people. And the SharpSpring team have genuine and caring hearts and truly want to see their Resellers succeed. They go the extra mile and well that gives us peace of mind.

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