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Sisense Review: "Flexible BI single stack solution"
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December 28, 2017

Sisense Review: "Flexible BI single stack solution"

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Overall Satisfaction with Sisense

We are using Sisense as platform for providing reports and business intelligence for our customers. In essence, we are using the platform as OEMs.

With Sisense, we provide reports and insights for contact center solutions which we implement to our customers.

  • Excellent single-stack BI solution, allowing great flexibility for data-modelling within the Sisense platform itself, with no need to perform the data modelling on a separate platform. The data modelling is implemented using standard SQL which makes anyone familiar with SQL already able to use the system.
  • Virtually unlimited customization options using Java Script, allowing you to modify and enhance existing functionality.
  • Great support from the both customer support and the user community.
  • Some functionality is missing as built-in functionality, and can only be added by using Javascript, which requires technical knowledge of JS from the dashboard designer to implement. So although almost anything is possible to implement, some things which should be basic require high-level skills.
  • Viewers of dashboards have very limited customization options, almost any customization requires the dashboards designer to implement.
  • Particularly, viewers are unable to select conditional formatting, rename fields, change the order of items, etc.
Sisense's greatest advantage is its ability to import the data into sisense, perform in-server data modelling, and then create dashboard reports from the modelled data. This takes load off of your production database servers, and leverages sisense's technology for handling huge volumes of data efficiently.

Fully supports almost any common data-source, and easily allows you to model and mash-up data from multiple sources.

Supports Real-time visulaizations of data, but one point off because real-time visualization does not (yet) allow mash-up and or complex modeling.

Easily share, manage and migrate dashboards and elasticubes across servers.

Allows you to share the same dashboards to multilple customers and consumers while applying data restrictions so different users see different data using the same dashboards and the same data-sources.

Natively and easily share reports using emails, PDFs, or URLs to the dashboards themselves on the system.

Well suited for almost any BI implementation across any subject matter, and especially where a lot of data modelling must be performed on the data before used in the reports.

Somewhat lacking where the users/viewers of the dashboards need to have customization options of the dashboard per-user, such as when the same report might be used by different customers.

Sisense Feature Ratings

Pixel Perfect reports
Customizable dashboards
Report Formatting Templates
Not Rated
Drill-down analysis
Formatting capabilities
Integration with R or other statistical packages
Publish to Web
Not Rated
Publish to PDF
Report Versioning
Report Delivery Scheduling
Pre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.)
Location Analytics / Geographic Visualization
Predictive Analytics
Multi-User Support (named login)
Role-Based Security Model
Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete)
Responsive Design for Web Access
Dedicated iOS Application
Dedicated Android Application
Dashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile