One of the best tools / libraries in the Data Science Arsenal.
September 01, 2022

One of the best tools / libraries in the Data Science Arsenal.

Tanner Ingalls | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Streamlit

Our Data Science team has built an entire multi-page reporting dashboard for the executive team to analyze all of their metrics (and we've started including machine learning models in the pages) in a really short amount of time. When a new report / metric page is needed, we can completely deliver (using Streamlit) in a day or two max. That's with authentication, logging, design, computing and testing.

We've also built a few integrations with access to our internal databases that allow a non-technical person to query a database themselves, in a simple manner and get answers they're looking for. One of our Customer Success agents wanted a joined file from multiple different databases and be able to download it whenever she wanted. Not knowing SQL or anything, she has a user interface that allows her to select checkboxes and build the query she wants without having any technical knowledge.


  • Incredibly Easy
  • Customizable
  • Quick and powerful


  • Recent Security issues (they quickly released an update to combat this though...)
  • Requires a bit of HTML knowledge to really customize. If you're going quick, you don't need HTML though. Streamlit commands will pump your page out fast.
  • Incredibly Easy to Use and Learn
  • Gives end users an interface that's clean and doesn't require non-python work
  • Renders pages & data really quickly.
  • They've really thought through a ton of their features and provide help docs that are easy to get started.
  • I've scaled my team 2x since using Streamlit. We show off actual results that users can play with
  • We're building a customer facing page that we're going to monetize.
  • Incredible amounts of visibility into my team and what we're accomplishing.
I started using Streamlit when it first came out and thought it was really useful and powerful. A few years later and they've really hit their stride! The features / widgets / materials they provide have been well researched, well designed, and well implemented. I will take Streamlit to any future companies I go to as well as be a strong promoter wherever I'm currently at. It's free. It's easy to use. It is really powerful. Sure? You could go pay for a larger system but your Data Science team should be able to handle Streamlit easily. I'd argue a non-technical person spending a few weeks in python could pick up Streamlit really quickly.

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- Don't want to pay Tableau $1,000 / seat? Use Streamlit
- Want fully custom views and navigation? Use Streamlit
- Want access to Machine Learning and not just your dev team? Use Streamlit
- Want to keep things internal and secure? Use Streamlit
- Want your Data Science team to be able to crank out projects quickly? Use Streamlit
- Sick of Jupyter Notebooks and Business Leaders not understanding them? Use Streamlit

Our D.S. strategy has moved completely to delivering pages in Streamlit. I can hand an executive a Jupyter notebook and it'll get lost in translation. I can give them sign-in access to a page and they can answer all of their own "What-If?" questions! We've used Streamlit to productize our Data Science and Machine Learning capabilities.


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