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What is Slack?

Slack is a group messaging or team collaboration app that aims to simplify communication for businesses. Features include open discussions, private groups, and direct messaging, as well as deep contextual search and message archiving, and file sharing. Slack integrates with...
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Top Communication Platform

10 out of 10
January 05, 2023
We use Slack as our primary communication platform, it's very secure and easy to use. It comes with web hooks which we can link to almost …
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  • Chat (304)
  • Mobile Access (281)
  • Discussions (295)
  • Notifications (301)

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Project Management

Project management software provides capabilities to streamline management of complex projects through task management, team collaboration and workflow automation

8Avg 7.9


Features that allow team members to communicate about collaborative projects and keep each other informed of their opinions and progress.

8.4Avg 7.9

File Sharing & Management

Features that allow collaborators to view, work on, and organize files.

8.6Avg 8.1
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Product Details

What is Slack?

Slack is a Digital HQ
As the command center of the workday, Slack provides a flexible way to work with people, apps and partners in one space.

The new space for success
Slack connects people with each other and with their tools and data, equipping teams to be productive and open up opportunities.

Transform Teamwork
Working together in channels—dedicated spaces built around specific projects and initiatives—keeps the right people and information in one place.

Embrace Flexibility
Huddles let teams chat over audio instantly, with the option for video and screen sharing with the tap of a button.

Work Faster
With clips, teams can create audio, video and screen recordings to share updates, walk through demos or talk out an idea with more clarity (and personality).

Extend Collaboration
Slack Connect lets users work alongside external partners and customers in Slack channels, to speed up projects and strengthen relationships.

Integrate Tools
From project management tools to a daily calendar, Slack integrates with more than 2,400 applications.

Automate Tasks
In Slack, users can turn routine meetings and tasks like standups, approvals and requests into automated workflows.

Slack Features

Project Management Features

  • Supported: Task Management
  • Supported: Scheduling
  • Supported: Workflow Automation
  • Supported: Mobile Access
  • Supported: File tracking
  • Supported: Tagging
  • Supported: Search
  • Supported: Integrates with other Project Management Tools
  • Supported: Visual planning tools

Communication Features

  • Supported: Chat
  • Supported: Status updates and activity feed
  • Supported: Notifications
  • Supported: Comments and feedback
  • Supported: Discussions
  • Supported: User directory and online status
  • Supported: Sharing and privacy
  • Supported: Surveys
  • Supported: Internal knowledgebase
  • Supported: Integrates with Skype
  • Supported: Integrates with GoToMeeting
  • Supported: Integrates with Gmail and Google Hangouts
  • Supported: Integrates with Outlook

File Sharing & Management Features

  • Supported: Versioning
  • Supported: Document files
  • Supported: Image files
  • Supported: Video files
  • Supported: Audio files
  • Supported: Document collaboration
  • Supported: Shared folders
  • Supported: Access control
  • Supported: Advanced security features
  • Supported: Integrates with Google Drive
  • Supported: Integrates with SharePoint
  • Supported: Device sync
  • Supported: Web interface
  • Supported: File change notifications
  • Supported: Simultaneous editing

Additional Features

  • Supported: Audio Conferencing
  • Supported: Video Conferencing
  • Supported: Sales Enablement
  • Supported: Unified Communications as a Service
  • Supported: Meeting Management
  • Supported: Encrypted Communications

Slack Integrations

Slack Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Slack is a group messaging or team collaboration app that aims to simplify communication for businesses. Features include open discussions, private groups, and direct messaging, as well as deep contextual search and message archiving, and file sharing. Slack integrates with a number of other tools, such as MailChimp, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Slack was acquired by Salesforce in December 2020. The product is free to use, and also has paid plans with more features and greater controls. The company has raised $340M in funding and boasts 800k users.

Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and Discord are common alternatives for Slack.

Reviewers rate Chat highest, with a score of 9.7.

The most common users of Slack are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used for daily based communication internally for all business related chats and discussions. It is seamless and easy to use. It has clean interface and also very flexible to integrate other applications like zoom, confluence documents etc. It is easy to create group and message and create video call. Big advantage is sharing of multiple screens which is helpful and also which zoom does not have this feature.
  • Easy to communicate
  • Instant video call
  • Instant sharing of files, documents, codes
  • Seamless efforts to create channels
  • To add more than 2 multiple screen sharing
  • At times setting up notifications with tags is little difficult as the pings does not pop up
  • Mobile can app can be improved. Like to schedule a message it's difficult to find out how to schedule a message
It's was really helpful to schedule a message in advance fir specfic date and time. Video and audio call is seamless via the huddle. Creating private and public channels for better communication. It was easy to access to 3rd party applications like Zoom, Atlassian, etc. due to integration of API's. Even in terms of security, the messages are safe and secure
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Liked being able to work together and communicate with the team. We can save the most important points of the conversation to a pin for later reference. Accessible via a mobile phone and easily available. Ability to communicate securely with clients or an internal team.
  • Very effective in terms of team connect despite being in different geographies
  • Easy to use interface
  • Ability to have multiple channels
  • Searching for specific conversations can be hard
Very effective in terms of team connection despite being in different geographies. Easy to use interface so everyone can use Slack without any complications. Ability to have multiple channels. I don't see any less appropriate scenario to use Slack.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Slack as our primary communication platform, it's very secure and easy to use. It comes with web hooks which we can link to almost anything. And more than a communication tool, we also integrate it with various observability solutions for alerting. Apart from that it comes with bots which make lives easier.
  • Chat application within and outside organization
  • Bots to make things easier
  • Web hooks to integrate and send automatic notifications
  • Emoji and sticker support is delight
  • Text formatting could be improved.
  • Support for tables need to be added
  • Reply suggestions will be helpful
It helped a lot as a communication platform which has amazing support for both desktop and mobile. The webhooks save lot of time and effort and helps to act on time. The bots make things quick and automatic. The code formatting in text helps developers a lot Allowing multiple organisations coexist in single channel with custom restrictions helps to collaborate better.
Adil Khan Robin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Slack to communicate effectively, and it helps our teams collaborate, interact, and secure device data syncs. It has alerts, audio calls, emojis, etc., which makes it great for groups, and we use it for individual and company-wide communication, entertainment, and props. Slack simplifies file sharing. Using channels simplifies group chats and integrates with applications like JIRA, which can post alerts and notifications into a channel for monitoring.
  • Automates communication processes.
  • Easy channels, groups, and permissions.
  • Productivity is easy with apps like JIRA.
  • Email threads to track stakeholder responses.
  • Screen sharing, video, and voice are all faster on Huddle than on Google Meet.
  • Updates sometimes trigger notifications.
  • During prolonged use, the app freezes and restarts.
  • Inability to set a background when participating in meeting calls.
Slack facilitates teamwork with messaging, audio, and video chat. It simplifies intra-company communication and information exchange, boosting team productivity. Slack's connectivity options are better than Google Meet's; guests can join some channels without being invited. But it has bugs and incompatibilities with some devices, and the interface is confusing. One such issue is that when I share my screen in Huddle, my coworkers' notes are invisible to me because of a glitch in the program's "draw" function.
Bumhan YU | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It being a large organization with multiple teams in sophisticated structure, timely and effective communication becomes a critical challenge. Slack allows an intuitive chat-like interface for any person-to-person or group discussions—both public and private. Thanks to its extensive list of external integrations (e.g. Google Calendar for scheduling, Zoom for meeting, Lattice for person operations, etc), consolidating other work-related tasks in one place becomes easier.
  • Real-time discussions between team members like a chat application
  • Direct integrations with calendar and video call applications
  • Intuitive shorthand for emoji inputs and Markdown styling
  • Smart copy-paste UX for media files and external links that detects the type of assets being pasted
  • Streamlined mechanism for archiving older discussions to easily search and find items — currently, any old discussions/threads become hard to find in the sea of more recent discussions
  • Ability to categorizing the channels, so that users won't have to comb through a lengthy list of channels — currently, when there are dozens of channels one subscribe to, it becomes challenging to find the signal from the noise
Good for real-time or near real-time conversation for time-sensitive discussions. When implemented by the whole organization, it becomes a highly effective group/team chat device with very smart integrations with a variety of tools.

Not too good for any extensive discussions that need to be preserved and maintained for a longer period of time. Because of its chat-like nature, finding an older thread or/and reference files embedded in it can be challenging. For those tasks, a more static, forum-like tools might be more applicable.
Jeremiah Lanska | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Slack to organize events. It is a nice way to categorize separate events with notes and different participants in those events. We can post graphics and get feedback from those who joined the events to keep moving along and working faster. It is a great solution to keep everyone updated on important things that need attention.
  • Organize topics or events.
  • post graphics or files for viewing from different members.
  • A great way to notify others when things are posted to get feedback quickly.
  • Possibly there is a way to pin graphics that are posted in a group so it stays on top.
  • Ability to work on files together such as word docs.
  • Tools to annotate on top of graphics.
We have many events going on, and it is great to have a separate group for each event. That way, it allows certain members to join the correct groups where needed and not be overloaded with notifications.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Inter department communicating, collaborating, and all comms related to company related matters / issues
  • Huddles
  • Keeping record of messages / threads
  • Easy way to managing shared files
  • An "Offline" version when the app experiences an outage
  • A way to leave a channel without it notifying everyone
  • Recording huddles is not yet a function
Well suited: For communication across every / any function of a company and collaborating within teams and outside of immediate team also

Area of opportunity: Maybe having an "offline" version that is still functional without all features enabled during outages
Vikram Waghela | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Slack is fantastic collaboration and messaging app. We used it to communicate with the team along with sharing best practices, and generally know what's going on with one another and in the ongoing project. The app basically eliminates the need for emails, text messages, and other communication tools. It is fun, yet official. By properly utilizing Slack, we were able to see a significant increase in productivity for most projects.
  • Allows us to communicate with team members across the company, anywhere in the world.
  • Be up to date about the ongoing project or any other updates.
  • UI and UX are amazing
  • It lags at times on certain devices.
  • More customization of notifications would be deeply appreciated
  • Read receipts
App is well suited for daily updates regarding the ongoing projects but doesn't work that well for task assignments or follow up on tasks.
Ivan Zolotaryov | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Slack its more than messenger, it's a powerful tool for a people who works in a big organizations. In ours we widely use it, you have to be available in slack during the working hours, it's a part of the job. We have many channels groups and treads where we talk about bugs different updates, merges, or other nice topics as what we are going to eat on a lunch, which updates we have in a different offices and what is the news around a company itself. Most of the real time updates we send via slack, if in our r&d we have troubles we share them in a slack it's basiaclly our stackoverflow where you can search for the solution on your troubles
  • Integration with other services
  • Messages and UI of the conversation itself
  • Channels for every different topic
  • The replies are still looks a little bit overhead if you are talking 1 on 1
  • Slack has a troubles with the timezones, can just use a fix one which toy settle in the settings
Slack has a lot of benefits, but you should know that it's a heavy "messenger" it's very useful in a big companies but not so much if you work in a small startups, it's much faster and easier to send messages via Whatsapp or Telegram, I was working in a startup for 2 years and it was pretty strange to have so many channels with 2-3 person in each which is quiet losing the point of slack. And now, if you are a big company that's the benefits which you will get with slack: - Option to have many channels for different topics - Option to answer to a message in a single tread which makes a whole feed lean and if you want to see and read what goes on you can just enter to the tread - Option to integrate different services like Google Azure or other small 3rd parties - Option to make a calls/group calls
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My company uses Slack to have immediate and direct communication from within each department. This eliminates the need for emails, text messages, and other tools that add bloat the employee workflows. By utilizing Slack we have been able to see a significant increase in productivity and communication has skyrocketed.
  • Departmental Communication
  • Direct Employee to Employee Communication
  • Organizing conversations
  • The ability to share larger file sizes.
  • Data Retention.
  • The ability to sort through the information based on content type.
Slack is great for Small, Medium, and Large scale businesses, and is extremely beneficial for Startups. Another great benefit is that Slack is designed to scale with your business. As your company expands, your employees get larger, and communication tends to become problematic, but with Slack, communication is never an issue.
Ben Adler | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Slack is fantastic for us. We enter all our deals and follow-ups in Slack. It helps greatly with workflow and time management. Slack works wonders for us.
  • Great work flow.
  • Reminders are awesome.
  • Helps manage deals and scheduling.
  • Reminders don't go off.
  • Calendar built in would be great.
  • Better interface.
Slack is good for tagging colleagues and is also good for data dumps. Slack needs improvement with integration and file uploading. Otherize a really robust program for CRM and deal flow. Slack is great as a reminder option and for communicating with fellow employees. Also good for managing operations and staying up to the task.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Slack is integral for team communication, we use it consistently throughout the day. It allows for quick and seamless communication. Along with simple messaging, it is also great for calls and screen sharing. In our current WFH-dominated world, it is a great tool for team building and communication.
  • Quick and easy messaging
  • Screen sharing
  • Calls
  • Could be easier to message new people
  • Screen sharing can cause some lag
  • Occasional forced log out is annoying
Great for day-to-day casual communication between individuals and small groups of people. Quick, easy, and efficient messaging makes it great for keeping communication alive while everyone is working from home.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use slack to communicate with our team. We are a remote company so it is essential we have a efficient and good way to communicate with each other. We use this for large scale communication as well as for communication between individuals. We also try to use Slack as a way to have fun and give each other props.
  • Allows for communication between teams and individuals
  • Has ability to have multiple channels so you can divide out teams
  • User friendly
  • Can't get giphy to work all of the time.
  • Be more clear in how to change notifications.
Well suited for communication but not well suited for task assignments or follow up on tasks.
October 11, 2022

Best in the business

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The ease of using Slack is phenomenal because of its lightweight design. There are other products in the market, but this application apts for a Developer or a Person who is even working in the Computer Field. Slack helps us to connect quickly through huddles and screen presentations, with the pen option being ultimate. We also have channels where we can call out for teammates, and we use the channel as a record, just like an email. Slack is bringing new features very swiftly, and it is vivid that Slack is the go-to option for any Employer.
  • The threading option in Slack is one of the finest options and allows us to discuss a particular topic in the thread itself. By doing this, the messages about a particular topic won't be scattered.
  • Slack has a lot of Emoji that are very interactive and brings a smile to the face and I personally love it.
  • We can integrate slack with Jira, Calendars, etc., which is required for any employee working in the IT field.
  • I don't know why Slack doesn't allow us to add people in the huddle where it is started by someone else. That feature should be added soon.
  • I don't believe Slack requires any improvements, as the application already sits on the top. Anyways, there is room to improve and make the UI more user-friendly.
  • The huddle option is nice in 1-1 calls, but the huddles in the channels should pop a prompt for confirmation because we might accidentally start a huddle in channels.
Slack is very quick because the application seems lightweight, and this is very important for any application. The chat option also has various features wherein we can embed code in a separate box. We can simply record voice or videos when it is required, and sometimes life becomes easy with these kinds of options. If possible, Slack should add scheduled calls or meets, which is a requirement for the current conditions as WFH is going on.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Being a remote-first company, we rely on a quick line of communication with our co-workers who are all around the globe. Additionally, the integrations and 'bonus' functionality (besides being a chat service) have allowed me to send videos, and files, have quick verbal chats (through their huddle feature) and even remind me about messages that were sent. I can also see when we get new submissions from a Zapier connection and create channels for focused collaboration among different departments. It's an incredibly valuable productivity service.
  • Well thought out chat service for 1:1s.
  • Allows for collaboration among bigger groups via channels.
  • Syncs well with calendars to keep you on pace and allow others to know your availability.
  • I'd like to see further ways to organize my chats. Right now, it's very linear. Maybe folders inside folders.
  • Being able to transfer any videos recorded in Slack between slack conversations without downloading and uploading. Aka, a Slack link for the video (like loom).
  • A cheat sheet of available commands (like starting a zoom chat) --I'd love to know what all my company has enabled.
Slack is extremely appropriate for remote work or a widespread user base. I could see where this might be less useful for smaller organizations that do not collaborate with partners and have only a single location. However, with multiple locations or employees working from home, Slack provides a quick and easy way to get in touch with your colleagues during work hours.
October 08, 2022

Makes life easy!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use slack to communicate across teams, share best practices, and generally know what's going on with one another and in the company. Whether it's DMs, public channels for departments, or private channels to coordinate something, we use them all day, every day!
  • Allows me to communicate with team members across the country.
  • Share best practices and templates.
  • Be up to date on company announcements.
  • I wish that Gifs didn't play non-stop because it can cause an eye sore.
  • It's easy for things to get lost in message threads; having the ability to pin is helpful but could be more robust.
  • The video call feature is hit or miss.
Slack is great if you have teammates around the country or are remote office space. It works really well for smaller companies - as companies grow and have a million channels, it can be overwhelming, and one can feel inundated by slack messages all day.
October 08, 2022

Instant Collaboration.

Mindy Knapp | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our attorneys travel all over NY state, and we have three different offices. Slack allows us to communicate as if we were sitting across from each other and share pertinent information quickly.
  • Internal Communication.
  • Notifications of messaging.
  • Ability to use on multiple platforms.
  • No changes necessary.
I actually was just speaking with a company that uses mass text messages about Slack. I showed them the features, including Zoom, and they loved it. It has helped us become a better team internally.
October 06, 2022

Slack Gets an A+

Chris Rodriguez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Slack allows us to communicate with each other internally as an organization. We can also participate in channels and group messages. For example, we just had our biggest conference of the year: RISE WEST. So we created a RISE WEST channel to communicate and plan before, during, and after the event. This was crucial in our efforts to gain new business.
  • It is very fast
  • Very easy to use
  • Has a lot of capabilities
  • The video chat is nice
  • The side panel is tough to navigate sometimes
  • I'd like to be able to send Excel sheets
  • The video chat feature could be a bit quicker
It is perfect for any organization that requires a lot of internal communication. This is especially true for teams working remotely. Our sales, marketing, and client services need to be in constant contact which makes this tool imperative to our success. I feel there would be less of a need for teams/organizations who work in the office and are in communications every day.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
1. Office day-to-day communication --> find it more useful and trackable than emails. 2. Work-life balance --> certain features like snooze, setting work hours, updating current status helps ensure that work life balance is maintained. 3. On-boarding of new members --> since all conversations are stored, it makes it easier for new joiners to get context of things that happened in the organization before they joined.
  • Schedule messages --> In order to promote work-life balance, we can schedule messages such that they reach the recipient's inbox during the office hours
  • Entire conversation --> A new joiner to a channel has access to all the previous conversation, making it easy for Knowledge Transfer
  • Snooze notification option --> This is really helpful so that individuals don't get disturbed during the off-time or when they are in meetings/doing some important work
  • Ability to add images/videos in line and not as attachments --> makes it easier to make messages more engaging
  • Slack daily use report --> help users know how much time is spent on slack daily (digital/screen fatigue)
  • New reactions :D
1. Well suited for office communication --> messages, voice call, video calls, screen share with annotate makes it the go-to-office tool.
2. You want to respect employee's personal space --> Office communication should not interfere with personal life. With Slack it's easy to do so as your WhatsApp is free from office communications, task and other things.
3. New joiner onboarding --> new joiners can go through previous communication. Makes it easy for knowledge transfer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use slack for all internal communication between departments and within departments. It allows us to have all our documented conversations in one place, and quickly get/respond to messages. We plan to continue to use Slack as we grow our company to over 50 employees, and even more than that in the future.
  • organization of conversations
  • ability to call people or groups
  • hiding channels
  • having a file saving spot
  • more notification customization
  • showing more DMs
Slack is best suited for more casual work environments. Our team is very collaborative and messages each other constantly, and this allows us to easily and quickly work on projects that require cross departamental communication. It wouldn't be as useful for teams that don't work together a lot, or are in the office constantly.
George Mejia | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The company I work for based its entire communication channel on Slack. It simplifies the way we get news from the company.
  • Notification settings, I can set up notifications behavior by device; notifications runs differently on my phone than on my desktop laptop
  • Well organized threads, makes me focus on what really is important and setup the context very well
  • Reactions really simplifies people response
  • Formatting options, I would like I have better access to format my messages
  • Speaker camera would be great, sometimes it is needed so we need to go to meet
When you want to convey a message to the team in a timely manner, then Slack is appropriate. But, when it comes to sensitive information, we still use email.
Vikash Singh | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I've used Slack for more then 3 years and it helped me in organising tasks list, easy communication, seamless video business meetings. It's one of the best Internal chat tool i've used. It's UI is the best in industry and most of the companies uses it.
  • Business meetings, calls without delay and glitch
  • Sharing files, updates smoothly
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Operate faster and seemless
  • Notifications can become overwhelming
  • Context switching occurs easily
  • Messages can become unorganised quickly
It suited in big organisation or when you're handling teams who sits across the world. I feel it's better than Microsoft Team.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Slack for everything. As a fully distributed company, we need a great chat tool. We occasionally use other chat tools with some of our customers and they are not nearly as close to Slack. We also use Slack to build a lot of integrations that connect all our systems together.
  • Easy integration builds
  • Simple and dependable chat
  • Increases engagement between team members
  • I would like to see more integrations
  • I would like to make it easier to pull data into Slack
I think Slack works great for people who care about working together—whether it's between co workers in office or remote work. I was nervous to work for a fully distributed company but Slack has made it so helpful to connect with my team and stay connected in meaningful ways everyday.
September 20, 2022

Slack for everyday use

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Slack across all departments. It helps to connect multiple remote team members to complete projects, and it also connects remote team members who are looking for that “in-office” feel. I’m addition to using it for our internal team, I will say that in the sales department we use it for client communication too. Adding prospects to private channels allows us to keep conversations going even if our internal champion leaves the company.
  • Easy to use
  • Connects multiple teams
  • Multiple integrations with other software
  • Fun to add GIF’s
  • Adding channels
  • Creating a new logo
  • Better user control settings
The fact that you can split teams up based on projects, you can invite new team members to an ongoing channel, or you can archive old channels all make it an easy 10/10 recommend to anyone. You will never have to worry about anyone missing something because you can highlight it and bring it to the front of the channel.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I mainly use Slack as my note-taking platform. Also, our organization uses Slack as an internal communication platform to share thoughts, files, and updates with specific individuals and/or groups of people. We're a fully remote team with each member at a different location, Slack really helps us to stay connected and updated with daily ongoing activities. This is much better than email as it is easy to read and update a Slack thread about a particular topic and also helps in having responses real quick.
  • Organized way of having conversations and sub conversations through Slack thread
  • helps in setting reminder notifications and multiple communication types: voice/text messages, huddle calls/can set custom calls, huge set of stickers, etc
  • staying connected and updated with the team/org based in different time-zone/location
  • Drafts do not always remain saved when switching between messages.
  • it is hard to get back to a post if you are part of multiple channels
  • I wonder if there is something which notifies me after people reads my messages
Slack is well suited for group messaging and having a shared workspace. It is useful to have a written record of conversations.
The only scenario where it is less suited is I feel when one requires to be notified immediately that his message is read by the other person instead of waiting for that other person's acknowledgement.
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