SwiftPage ACT still delivers value in the age of the Cloud
Updated September 13, 2014

SwiftPage ACT still delivers value in the age of the Cloud

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Sage Act! Premium

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  • Emarketing

Overall Satisfaction with Swiftpage ACT!

While at my former employer, we decided to move down from SalesLogix to SwiftPage ACT! due to ease of maintenance, cost, customization, mobile, and web access found in SageACT! We had detailed experience with SalesLogix as a business partner but never used, sold, or supported SwiftPage ACT. The tool was used for leads and prospects. And, one of the compelling reasons for using the system was the integration with SwiftPage email marketing solution which provided Lead Call Lists which allowed our email marketing, surveys, and database to be integrated. With the integration, we could easily see who was a "hot" lead based on times they opened an email campaign and then assign out for proper handling by a telemarketer. As of 8/2014, SwiftPage has sold off SalesLogix. Therefore, I am hopeful this will allow for SwiftPage to concentrate on their sole product now.
  • Integrated Email Marketing: For a small business, you can have a strong method to handle email marketing in an integrated non-disparate solution.
  • Tailoring: There are no limits on what data you can store in the system and the ease of making changes can be done by a nontechnical person.
  • User Interface: The tool is easy to get around in both the desktop (fat client) and (webclient) which both are quite similar in functionality.
  • Integration: The tool integrates with Word, Excel, and Outlook nicely. And, it integrates with Google Mail and Contacts. There is a nice selection of third party tools available for various needs like AddressGrabber which allows for easy input of contacts from various sources such as email signatures, webpages, etc.
  • Templates: I have enjoyed being able to store tons of various templates for letters which we use over and over for various communications like sales proposals, quotes, and nudging clients along the funnel and sales process.
  • Automation: SwiftPage ACT! has a small business automation engine which allows for reminders and workflow to be administered by the system. It's not as sophisticated as some enterprise workflow automation solutions but for the price it's an awesome addition.
  • Maintenance: Very rarely have a problem which needs to be dealt with and costs to upgrade are minimal at best. We hosted the system internally for the web client and implemented it ourselves initially but had upgrades subsequently done by a local partner simply due to time/cost scenario. In other words, less to have someone else do it.
  • Social Integration: The tool has a basic feed for LinkedIn information to feed into the system. The infusion of more Social Selling "signals" and "feeds" would be very helpful to instill more social selling into the framework.
  • Account vs. Contact: If you are a company which works to B to B rather than B to C there is a still a bit of cumbersome way to handle "joining" accounts and contacts through links. It is better with 16.1 release but still it's a "contact" centric solution which is great for some business relationships like realtors, insurance, & financial services etc.
  • Increased mobility and flexibility to get data via the Moblile and Web access which helped increase activity.
  • Improved data analysis and segmentation because of the ease of adding fields to capture which were specific to our needs
  • Increased call volume due to "hot" lists provided with email marketing integration
There are a lot of good SaaS options on the market but SwiftPage ACT still has a place in the mix today. It depends on your needs, goals, processes, and people.
Account or Contact centric selling environment? Are you fostering a "social selling" environment? Will Email Marketing be sufficient in your future? If you are moving beyond email marketing and want the tool to integrate with a full Marketing Automation platform such as ACT-On (not the same company) or HubSpot, then this is not the tool for you.

Using Swiftpage ACT!

1 - Basic database and computer skills. Very easy.
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Forecasting
  • Allowing outsourced marketing call centers use the tool since it was so easy
  • Customer nurturing

Evaluating and Competitors

Yes - SalesLogix
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
I would not change the decision. At the time, it was the best option for us.


It was much easier than SalesLogix and other Mid Market systems.
Change management was minimal
  • Web server integration does require some set up help from either IT or trusted adviser
  • Synchronization if set up will require some set up help from either IT or trusted adviser


I have not called in about a year. But rather, I go to a local support person who provides help. When SwiftPage was called, it fell in the cracks and was lost.
Kept well informed
Poor followup
Problems left unsolved
Escalation required
Need to explain problems multiple times
No - I have elected to use a local certified act consultant. This is the route to take and likely the best investment you will make in the success of the product.


This system is easy to use and for most nontechnical users you can navigate around and do what you need with no problems.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Word Templates
  • Email Marketing
  • Tailoring and Customization
  • Integration with Email for Web Only users via the Preference Area of Email Integration not connected directly to a local email client
Yes - Yes, very very nice. Android and Apple Only. Microsoft Windows 8 are out of luck right now! Sorry.