Sysomos MAP: So easy to use, even an intern can't mess this up
Joseph Chiang | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 26, 2013

Sysomos MAP: So easy to use, even an intern can't mess this up

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Overall Satisfaction

  • This platform was particularly useful in organizing Twitter data. It accurately pinpointed the tweets' impressions (positive, neutral, negative), saving me time I would have spent sorting.
  • The buzzgraph feature has a lot of potential in providing insight leads. I found that the 2nd, 3rd, etc. searches using combinations of buzzgraph words often led to the heart of a question or conflict I was researching.
  • The sentiment graphs were very useful as timelines of when an issue was hot. More importantly, it allowed the user to tell how long that issue remained popular as measured by the # of social media posts and news reports.
  • Searching through forum posts was a painful experience because the platform had trouble sorting through spam. I would find myself reading through duplicate spam posts rather than original content/posts.
  • I wish there had been an option to search through Instagram.
  • I wish there had been auto-detection when it came to boolean logic errors. It was frustrating locating where I had missed quotations or a parentheses when I made very specific searches.
  • Sysomos MAP allowed you to tell a story from the data and analytics, making client presentations more powerful and easier to follow.
  • Research efficiency shot through the roof. Instead of spending time gathering the data, we could focus on interpreting it and making the best insights/recommendations possible.
  • Overall, the platform is very intuitive. It allowed me as a new team member to contribute almost immediately.
I enjoyed using Sysomos MAP on a daily basis because of its ease to pick up and the variety of ways it can represent the same data set. I do have to subtract at least one rating point because there is room for improvement on speed. The wait during a search is not at all excruciating, but it is an area for improvement. I would recommend and gladly use Sysomos MAP again for any projects related to social media analytics.
Sysomos MAP is easy to use, but the depth of what it has to offer is not immediately apparent. I would avoid jumping right in and instead shadow a more experienced user as he or she goes through the process of completing a search. You will likely find quite a few tricks to use in sorting through irrelevant data. Plus, certain features lend themselves better to specific social media platforms.