Tenfold - The Time Saver
Israel Gallegos | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 05, 2017

Tenfold - The Time Saver

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Overall Satisfaction with Tenfold

Tenfold is an easy to use software that simplifies the process when consulting with clients, therefore it's used throughout the whole organization. As a call center, we're dealing with clients left and right. Some with an extended amount of time and some very minimal. Tenfold allow us to organize the conversation, save every moment of it and keep track of the records. Tenfold is the most convenient, time-saving, easy to use, software. Predominantly the click to dial feature tool is what will save you the most time. Just one click and you're a couple seconds away from reaching out to your client. During the middle of the conversation, the daily note-pad is used to take down important notes that you can refer back too. The fact that, I can integrate the platform to Salesforce impacts my company's success. It can keep track of the client's information all in one, from their phone numbers to where they're located. As a worker in this organization, the most valuable thing is time. Tenfold saves us minutes that if you add up will save us a fortune. Tenfold simplifies the process of having a call-center in every aspect. Every business should consider using Tenfold as one of their assets.
  • Click to Dail feature - When reaching out to clients dialing each number to reach a customer takes too much time. Tenfold simplified the process so we're only one click away. No more dialing ever with tenfold it does it for you.
  • Linked to Salesforce - Salesforce is a software that's used to store clients' accounts with all their information. When tenfold is integrated with Salesforce it helps keep track of the durations of the phone calls and the history if we need to refer back to the calls. As well as saving the client's location in salesforce.
  • Daily Pad Notes - In the duration of each important call that's being made, there's information always being given out, what tenfold helps us do is keep track of each note we take on that phone call so then if any other rep picks up they get updated with the situation.
  • Caller ID - When working in a call center it's vital to see who's calling so then you are prepared for the situation. Tenfold allows us to track each and every call and with one click we're at their account to see what's going on before we talk to them. It's very time consuming if you did all of this manually but thanks to tenfold you can save all the time in the world.
  • My only recommendation is that it logs me off here and there out of the blue without me even knowing. But then again with just one click, I'm logged back in.
  • Saved a lot of time and hassle with all the features integrated with tenfold.
I've only experienced tenfold. but I wouldn't trust anything else for my business.
There are many scenarios where Tenfold is well suited. For instance, as a call-center, we deal with huge amounts of [information] on a day to day basis. Since tenfold helps you keep information for every customer, whenever you're busy on the line with a client, and you get another call that might need more attention tenfold will allow you to go to their file as you're talking to the current client and see what's going on with the client that's calling. Now if [a customer] does need more attention you would have only found out that it was important because tenfold keeps track of every call, notes during previous calls, and a history for each client.