Therap - Good price - not mobile friendly
May 20, 2021

Therap - Good price - not mobile friendly

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Overall Satisfaction with Therap Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Capriccio Elite, LLC provides supplemental services for adults and
children who experience disabilities. We originally used Therap as our
primary Electronic Health Record system. This included client
demographic information, scheduling, daily documentation, T-Logs, Case
Notes, billing and Individualized Services Plans. We chose to scale back
our use of Therap and purchase another program that better met our
needs in several of the areas Therap performs poorly. We now use Therap
primarily for EVV, billing, some plan writing and some documentation of
services delivery.
  • Therap has some very nice reports to track billing, documentation, end user activities, and much more!
  • Therap did not disappoint in a smooth EVV process.
  • Therap's billing is program works quite well.
  • The alerting system works very well particularly for alerting T-log entries (we use this for our incident reporting)
  • To be fair, they have a number of documentation tools that are very helpful (seizure logs, food diary, medical appointments and so much more) on the browser version of the program.
  • We provide a number of services to the same individual. VA requires a separate plan (ISP) for each service. Therap only allows one plan that covers a specific date and will not permit overlap.
  • Because we provide supplemental services, most of our employees are field workers and rely on a table to access the record and enter documentation. the mobile app is very limited in what the user can document (T-Logs, MARs, and ISP Data). The browser version is far to cumbersome to use on a tablet and only the browser version contains some of the other useful documentation tools.
  • Employees cannot save and return to data that has been entered. It must be completed in one setting before timing out.
  • The mobile app times out in 30 minutes without warning creating issues with documentation not being saved.
  • Scheduling is a nightmare. It is cumbersome and difficult to navigate. It does not seamlessly roll schedules over. It is also impossible for management to adjust schedules when away from a computer as the browser version (required to change schedules) is not mobile friendly and difficult to navigate on a phone or tablet.
  • There is no measure available to prevent 'clocking out" before documentation is entered. This can create a logistical and time consuming processes to reconcile the billing and pay.
  • The cost of the program is fantastic and doable for start up business to large operations
  • Because of the price, it is easy to ignore Therap's deficits so long as there are other options available to fill in the gaps
  • ROI on the time (= money) it takes to reenter information due to unannounced time outs creates dissatisfaction with the workforce and additional administrative time to walk through it
  • ROI on time (= money) it takes to assure there is a match between clocking in and out and time entered on the billable documentation is pretty substantial. An agency can easily find itself under billing or over paying staff.
The products that we have researched and used int he past are not listed as available options.
Lauris Online - completely customizable EHR system based on templates the agency uses. The process is cumbersome though in that each form has to be submitted to production with a wait time to go live up to 6 weeks. This can be challenging to business who have the ability to work on the fly and correct forms as they see fit. The reports are also challenging.

MITC - Capriccio Elite, LLC currently uses this program to supplement the pieces of Therap that do not work for us. This include a robust workforce management program (times sheet, clock in and out, documentation with ability to save, a number of alerts letting management know of no shows or late arrivals, completely mobile friendly, prohibits clocking out until documentation is complete, ease of use for administrators to make changes on a computer or mobile device.

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Therap is best used by persons who primarily work on a computer. This would include administrative work and supervisors or direct care staff who work in a group environment and enter documentation on the computer. While there is minimal room to adjust any of the forms to reflect agency specific documentation, the form templates themselves offer flexibility within the template. The exception being that whatever standard one uses for measurement must be carried out throughout the form to which the measurement standard is attached. Much of the documentation entered into the system must occur in the browser making access through a mobile devise cumbersome. The daily documentation (ISP Programs, T-logs and MARS) are available on the mobile app itself and is pretty straight forward. In this regard persons who work in the field including any supervisory staff in the field can enter documentation easily on this app. There are significant limitations though in that there is no ability to save a return to a form and the default time out is 30 minutes.

Pros: EVV, all inclusive EHR including plans, documentation, forms, MAR and more, excellent reports to capture data across all documents, Ability to export reports by PDF and Excel, provides good training, feedback, and communicates disruptions to the system as well as a walk through of updates made to the system.

Cons: browser access is not mobile friendly, scheduling is cumbersome, inability to save as you go, inability to create plans for the same service year for multiple services, no time out warning on the mobile app.

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