Utilization of Toad for business users
February 27, 2018

Utilization of Toad for business users

Andrew Kuhn | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Toad for Oracle

We use Toad for Oracle across the whole organization. I have been on multiple teams throughout that utilize this tool as their primary database interaction tools. Our database administrators utilize this tool to view/manage process, table changes, analysis and some small data copies. Our analyst teams across the whole organization utilize Toad to perform their day to day job. Our analyst teams need to be able to dive deep into the data in our database tables to build out specs needed to develop new business functionality or reporting. The interface within Toad allows for users that don't have a technical background to be able to analyze the data within our tables to determine what new tables or requirements we need to implement. Our analytic teams do not always have in depth knowledge of SQL, which makes it difficult for them to dive deep into the data without a user interface that is very user friendly. This allows our analysts to focus on analyzing the data and not have to spend time figuring out how to write sql statements to get to the data.
  • Easy interaction with data
  • Interactive tools to build out SQL for individuals that are not as comfortable with SQL
  • Can allow business administration teams to quickly make changes to database and monitor process that are running on the database
  • The tool does have a tendency to freeze up when multiple windows or browsers are open
  • When looking at data it would be nice to be able to right click on a row/column and say filter on that individual column and value
  • More tools to interact with XML Clobs within a table
  • Quick analysis of data when needed in emergency production situations
  • Allows all users within the organization to easily view data
  • When we have production issues the database admin team is easily able to quickly view processes and see analytics on which process is causing problems
I have used SQL Developer and XML spy. Both tools have their strengths but do not have as many options for interacting with data. I have also used SQL*Plus but it is not as user friendly for quick interaction with the data. I have not utilized any other tools to interact with data.
Toad is very useful to individuals that are not as technically advanced in database interactions given the strong UI interfaces. This is the group that has used this tool over the last few years. There are a lot of other tools also within Toad that allow for much more technical users to interact with the database through the process monitors and other features.

Toad Database Developer Tools Feature Ratings

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