Treasury Intelligence Solutions - Must have for large corporations. Greatest investment ever.
August 19, 2021

Treasury Intelligence Solutions - Must have for large corporations. Greatest investment ever.

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Overall Satisfaction with Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS)

We are using it across several companies codes. It was the key tool from Treasury. In order to combine all elements and functions from a treasury, perspective is needed. We are mainly working with H2H connections for reporting (CAMT.053 integration) and payments (PAIN file). The TIS interface allows us in the TIS web portal to have the H2H allow transactions for our banks. We are routing the SAP ERP mass payment through there. Flexible approving with 2 step approvals. We also now move our Excel-based Payroll uploaded files into TIS, being able to separate the approvers for this. One of the important pieces is the reporting part of MT940 & CAMT files. We need to somehow download daily thousands of files for our SAP, which are then automatically reconciled within SAP. Downloading 500+ bank statements would be impossible daily, or needs a larger workforce. Uploading Payment batch files or direct debit batch files manually to separate portals is either way the same time-consuming task. Further, other files with different purposes are also downloaded via the SFTP servers. For example, Lockbox files or Check images. These are items that have made us much more efficient.
  • BTM MONITOR & Payment Monitor: we have a good view of the companies' bank statements & payments current status. Error tracking and issue logs can be found easily. In case of an error the error message describes it well so that we can act alone and solve the issues in most cases without further help. Speed is particularly important at month-end closes, you cannot be without a solution.
  • Payment files PAIN mapping. The Know-How of TIS and its expertise to PAIN file integration and possible options. We have not seen a case where our TIS Project Manager did not know the answer to an issue. Often it comes instantly. Sometimes they would of course investigate, but the root cause review of a technical issue is key to success here. These guys really know what they are doing.
  • Support Team of TIS. They have a very fast response time. I would point it out as being the key strength of the TIS package. You will never have critical items not addressed in due time. The speed and quality of their responses to issues is how it should be. From a financial operational point of view: It's important to ensure business continuity, which they do.
  • User-friendliness in some areas could be improved. A function that explains buttons would be nice, similar to how it is in SAP with F1. But indeed you can find this on the support portal.
  • It is missing the Business Discovery Manager. This will solve many questions, so I cannot complain if we are missing a critical dashboard part of TIS. The logic of Master data and download of the same is done nicely. I would like to build my own report with this, but we would be back to BDM functions.
  • The BTM transaction monitor is its greatest strength, but also is a large jungle of entries. You can get lost in there. The deletion function should be upgraded if possible, [because] it's not the easiest to do a mass deletion.
  • Filtering of accounts that need to be assigned to the BANK link. It's only a small thing but can be super annoying every time it selects the first bank entry by default.
  • At a large corporation with more than 60 entities and 400+ bank accounts, the savings and improvements are massive considering how time-consuming the manual work would be. I don't have any numbers to quote, unfortunately.
  • We are now massively expanding our TIS with the full integration of automated payment runs. This has larger operational impacts, like the possible consolidation of banking and dedicated payment teams.
In terms of risk mitigation of course we can reduce the number of people having access to banking if not needed.
With dedicated teams and less people with access to individual Bank portals. Before access to bank portals were necessary for all sorts of manual payments and exceptions if we really implement the 100% of functions and dont leave exceptions that risk mitigation can be achieved and efficiency at automated payment runs.
Personally, I am working on that part to see more of it. Yes, from a corporate treasury aspect you can have visibility here globally with one tool, as long as nobody is doing payments elsewhere. During Covid times managing cash flows and limiting or reducing the outflow, for example, has been crucial. This definitely needs the Business Discovery Monitor to investigate certain activities. But the categorization of payment types allows distinguishing of certain cash flows, which is crucial. For example, salary, intercompany, taxes, and other utility payments.
It did, of course, starting from SAP F110 Batch files that were manually downloaded and uploaded into Bank portals. We are now seeking more frequent payment runs to overcome the daily manual urgent payments or lost invoices that are coming in and needing to be paid right away. Since systems are all automated it's only a smaller hassle to run daily payments, for example.

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There are several types of server connectivities based on the companies' requirements for how TIS can be used. For example EBICS, FTP, SFTP for MT940, CAMT and PAIN file migrations, and many more. We are doing this, which helps the daily business and has solved the business need. TIS is well suited for all main treasury-related topics of reporting and payments integration. For some cases like Lockbox handling of BAI files, TIS is not able to display items, it is only a forwarding server agent. This does not matter though, as we are then forced to implement and read the file in SAP, which is the main purpose. Same with ZENGIN files in Japan or simply the image attachments of check files. We are not exploring PSP settlement file technology, [otherwise] we would potentially use TIS as a forwarding client. We are trying to map out of an excel file a CAMT.054. Many PSPs don't provide that service, which could be a market for TIS. This is particularly interesting when you are using CAMT.054 for the SAP reconciliation.

Integrating Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS)

One has to learn about it first. Once the basics are clear it's very easy. It does not depend only on TIS, but also on the Bank that needs to be migrated and the project team. In general, server setup and reporting is done easily. The most time consuming part is the PAIN file migration. The standards are known. TIS will have 90% of the time already migrated with others and knows the different aspects. It then depends on the scope of payment methods and desired outcome of this migration.