Verizon Cloud Content Restore...Permanently Eliminate "New Phone, Who Is This?"
January 31, 2018

Verizon Cloud Content Restore...Permanently Eliminate "New Phone, Who Is This?"

Jennifer Larson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Verizon Cloud allows you to select what to back up, so we back up, at a minimum, all contacts, call logs and text messages. This removes any danger of losing our "paper" trails with clients (phone calls, texted confirmations, etc.) and of course preventing the dreaded "who is this?" response when you no longer have your proper contacts list. All of this eliminates the need for redundant systems that are a drain on company time and resources that are much better spent elsewhere.
  • Content Restore: This has been a game-changer a hundred times over. Every time a phone is replaced, it used to cripple that user for far too long as they painstakingly put themselves back together (and inevitably would miss something or do something incorrectly and thus the frustration would continue). Now, with little time, and even less effort, everything you need is easily found, accessed and usable. No matter how careful we are, phones get damaged. They get lost. They stop working. So it's not a matter of IF this could happen to you, it's WHEN. And this prepares us for any worst case scenario.
  • Backup Includes Documents: As a company, documents are exchanged often, including e-signatures and confirmations of various kinds. And as everyone knows, the worst possible moment is when something pops up that needs attention immediately. Technology works great...until it doesn't. So being able to have an incredibly easily accessed backup system in place, like Verizon Cloud, to pull documents from at the drop of a hat can be a lifesaver. Being able to pull up and view something quickly when you are desperately grabbing coffee on the way into the office at the crack of dawn because of an internal server crash...and your client still feeling confident because no matter how catastrophic your morning is, they are 100% taken care of? GOLD.
  • Photo Organization: Due to the nature of my position, photos are important for current projects and even more so months or even years later if something comes up. Verizon Cloud automatically organizes the photos in multiple ways and you can easily switch between systems by clicking a new tab. Timeline organizes them by year and then breaks that year down into months. Stories groups the photos together that were added or taken together. For us control freaks, there is also an Albums tab so you can organize your photos and videos into whatever system works best for you. There is also a Flashbacks tab, which honestly, doesn't do much for what I normally need to access photos for, however, I do find myself clicking it a lot, just out of curiosity to see what photos/events/projects were going on that week a year ago, two years ago, three years ago, etc. I find it so interesting to see how things change, grow, and maybe even find unexpected trends that can help shape how we move forward as an organization.
  • The home screen shows a little bit of everything, but being a control freak, I would like to be able to customize it. (Granted, it would most likely have most of the same elements, but, for example, I don't need photos scrolling across the top. I'd rather have buttons like quick links to jump directly to what I want or to see a further bird's eye view of the content.
  • I like receiving notifications that a back-up is complete, but I would like to be able to set what other notifications are and aren't allowed to push to my phone.
  • I have set Verizon Cloud to back up on wifi OR using the data network. But if you are using wifi while doing a content restore and you lose that connection, either by leaving the building or the local wifi dropping out momentarily, the entire content restore will stop and need to be restarted. This can be very frustrating.
  • Thus far is has been a positive experience, and has saved a lot of man hours of both employees who replaced their phones to the IT department trying to help them put everything back no longer needs to go through a lengthy process.
  • The cost of this option is a bit higher than I'd like. I think Verizon is a little too proud of a product that every company is now starting to offer.
  • There is a free version with limited space, so at least trying it out to see how it will fit with your needs isn't much of a risk.
I'm currently using Verizon Cloud because of the content restore option. As someone who seems to have a superpower to destroy phones from the inside out, I need to be able to get back up and running every time I warranty out a phone. I still utilize Google Drive because my company email is google-based and it allows for real-time collaboration and ongoing work whereas Verizon Cloud is just off-site storage, basically. The automatic backups are helpful (you can set them to happen every hour, every day, or at night) because it's one more thing I don't have to remember to do.
I think this service works very well for me, but I have been a Verizon customer for almost 15 years. If you are someone who hops carriers it may not be the best fit. I also like that you can easily use it with all of your employees regardless if they prefer Android or Apple phones. (Whereas using Apple's or Google's services may not work seamlessly for all phones.) I think it still has room for improvement, and sometimes I worry about the longevity of utilization due to the nature of cell phone carriers constantly changing prices, plans, and every option under the sun to make a buck that we could be very screwed in the future if Verizon does something stupid (because historically, they all have).

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