First impression was great, then I just felt like I was using Excel.
January 11, 2014

First impression was great, then I just felt like I was using Excel.

Claudius Bistricean | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction

  • Adding new project is very simple.
  • Creating template is very simple.
  • Filter option was very nice when I wanted to see who was working on what.
  • Adding new user and editing there preferences was very smooth.
  • I did like the fact that emails went out letting you know a project was hitting its due date.
  • Adding as many task as I wanted was great.
  • Adding sub-task to task was also a great feature.
  • The biggest issue I had with WorkZone was setting up dates for a project. I could not have more than one task per date day if the task took more than 8 hours. This does not work since I had about 6 employees working on one task that did not take more than a day to complete, and each employee had about 4 hours of work for their task. But I could not give them all the same due date because WorkZone automatically changes my fixed dates that I setup for the project.
  • Marking up an image with comments never worked.
  • Calendar was not populating all the task.
  • I never had to ask an employee what he or she was working on, because I already knew with WZ.
  • Employee efficiency did increase, for some but not all.
  • Did help us meet our project dues dates.
I have used Jira in the past and most like will continue and use it. The WorkZone user experience was so weak that I felt that I was in Excel all day. The issue with the dates was such a head it has really turned me off the product. I really felt that WZ should have been a free product, the user experience made me feel that the product was really cheap.
I would recomend it to a small business looking to stay organized.