Great Solution, Great Support and Affordable
January 11, 2014

Great Solution, Great Support and Affordable

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Overall Satisfaction

  • WorkZone has a wonderful array of features - Project tracker, different "Workspaces" that can be set up for each client, financial tracking, time tracking, calendar functions, etc.
  • There are lots of helpful views like, status by project, project to-do list, workload by responsible party or by category. The project tracker can be filtered to view exactly what you want to view - items in a certain workspace, items by responsible party, only incomplete items, etc.
  • There are lots of customization options to make each space match the brand. For example, each Workspace can be set up with the client logo, colors, etc. Each Workspace can have different access settings, so if you have clients using WorkZone with you, they won't necessarily see your other projects and clients (given the right settings).
  • Project templates are wonderful for projects you do often - you can select an end date or a start date and it will build the timeline for you. You can even assign tasks in the template, if they always go to the same person, or you can leave them blank and add them in later.
  • There are several different options for loading projects into their system - from an Excel template, creating an outline (either basic tasks, or you can add tasks/dates/responsibilities all at once), building from an existing WorkZone template you've created, or importing from MS Project.
  • If you set up WorkZone to use with clients, there are extremely helpful features to help with client review and approvals - it's all done through the system. You can send creative through the system, and the client can provide feedback and send it back. No more digging around for that email that's in your inbox.... somewhere....
  • I've been able to access via computer, mobile and tablet. I occasionally have issues trying to modify things, like trying to check a box from a smaller screen, but projects can still be accessed while on the go.
  • WorkZone has provided excellent support and multiple trainings, on different levels. We did a training for system admins, and a more basic training for users who won't be in the settings and customization pieces. Their customer support, the very few times I've had to use it, has been very responsive.
  • If you are not set up to use WorkZone with clients, exporting timelines to share with other parties is a bit basic. There are options to export to a pdf or Excel. It looks exactly like a screenshot, not anything impressive to show a client. It would be nice to have options to add text or contact information from WorkZone before exporting, so it looks a little more customized. It doesn't seem to have the same customization that each Workspace has.
  • Importing from Excel is a bit clunky. You have to use a template set up by WorkZone. My team has extensive Excel documents we've set up over several years as timelines, and finding a way to connect our existing timelines with the Excel template has been a bit difficult, adding a layer of work. I'm sure this would be improved if we set up more project templates in WorkZone, eliminating our Excel usage, but with the limited export settings, we've primarily been providing Excel timelines to our clients and implementing WorkZone for our internal tracking.
  • There are options to export the calendar, but it would be nice to be able to subscribe to the calendar in my Outlook, so updates are constant and not triggered by an export.
  • When we use it consistently, it gives our team a greater picture of the workload across our group in a central place, giving more transparency on project depth and status.
  • Some of the Import/Export settings have slowed our full implementation, while we figure out how best to utilize. We still use our previous Excel templates to give to clients and then upload to WorkZone - creating a slightly more lengthy process.
  • The email reminders have proven very helpful in keeping projects on track, reducing the amount of late projects.
Because of time constraints, our team hasn't been able to fully implement and change our existing processes. If we can get our templates set up and maybe some better export options figured out, I think it'll be a no-brainer to renew, but until then it maybe be difficult to financially justify something we're only partially using.
Overall, when I did my research, WorkZone seemed to have the most extensive but easy to use tools of the project management systems on the market; especially when you factor in cost. I think it would work really well with a smaller group that is just getting started in organizing their processes, as it'll be easy to build their systems around what WorkZone offers. I also think adding client users, in addition to your internal users, makes a big difference. If your clients are tech-savvy enough to handle an online system (which is pretty user-friendly), it really helps streamline projects. This isn't to say larger companies couldn't utilize it - as long as you have the time and dedication to modify your processes and get everything in place. WorkZone provides an excellent amount of support and training to assist from their end. The packages without client users would be really helpful for internal teams, where you don't necessarily need to send out timelines, and all the key players can have WorkZone accounts to log in to. I think it's an excellent project management solution!