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Brightcove Video

It works very nicely for our company site because it can easily and seamlessly embed into the site and email HTML pages. It also has picture in picture, sharing, closed captioning (CC) as basic functions. It will also show the time of the video. Because these are short-term-use videos or might get updated frequently and also are just targeting a specific audience, being able to hide or not able to show the number of views or date published (unlike YouTube) actually helps us.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer


Brightcove Video

  • Ability to easily output a JSON response for requested video data. This makes it easy to work with Brightcove as partner.
  • The read APIs are very flexible and can the output can be easily customized using cgi args. This provides great customization of the output and sorting and filtering mechanisms to find the videos you're looking for.
  • The ability to add captions to videos is good, especially with the regulations requiring video captioning. DFXP support works great as long as the player is given the exact XML format it is looking for.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer


Brightcove Video

  • The code for customizing the video player can be made easier, I think it still uses BEML code.
  • Easily accessible ready made code will help users like me to implement a cool looking player.
  • I would love to implement Brightcove video cloud on most of the projects that I work on and I see we could use it in so many different ways but pricing is not easily available on the website.
  • Again if I could work with someone to price for small, medium and large businesses that would be great.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Likelihood to Renew

Brightcove Video

Brightcove Video 9.0
Based on 14 answers
It took quite some time to upload and organize our video library. The amount of time it would require to relocate all this information outweighs any negative aspect I personally have with the experience. They have been pretty good to work with and from speaking with my Brightcove rep, I know some of the issues I have listed are currently being addressed and tested for future releases.
Colby Iannazzo | TrustRadius Reviewer


Brightcove Video

Brightcove Video 9.0
Based on 1 answer
Very usable! I don't see any major flaws
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Support Rating

Brightcove Video

Brightcove Video 4.0
Based on 4 answers
We are notified often of downtime, and I have not heard from a support rep for over a year. It really makes it hard to learn what new things are coming out and how we can take our video to the next level when there is no contact from the team on a regular cadence.
Stacy Stanislaw | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

Brightcove Video

Marketing department favors it because EVERYONE uses YouTube. Overall, YouTube offers decent features and functionality. But Brightcove offers the ability to brand and style players, and control what our users see (and so much more) and YouTube does not. For instance, on YouTube, users are presented with other videos (which could contain competitor videos).
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

Brightcove Video

  • Again, there has been a huge cost savings which significantly improved our ROI
  • There has also been less time spent on learning new technologies and training additional staff on maintaining a video server.
  • Less time spent on the previous two points has allowed me to focus on other areas within the department that needed improvement.
Grant Benatar | TrustRadius Reviewer

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Brightcove Video


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