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20 Ratings
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Score 8.6 out of 100

Likelihood to Recommend

Calabrio ONE

Calabrio has been great for our education environment. We have the ability to access live calls, recorded calls and evaluate based on the duration of calls. I would like to see the Reporting tab transformed and allow for more customizable reports. Overall, we have had success with Calabrio and we look forward to our partnership.
Beth Bax | TrustRadius Reviewer


Calabrio ONE

  • Quality Management (call recordings, evaluations of said calls) is an area where Calabrio has done a particularly good job. It is a solid product and they continue to refine it.
  • Customer Service - since we purchased the product, customer service has always been spot on for Calabrio - they have worked hard to ensure their existing customers remain happy while continuing to evolve and bring on new customers.
  • Innovation - with their ear to the ground, so to speak, Calabrio forges ahead and does a great job of implementing features per customer requests and makes every effort to ensure the needs are taken care of either via API or upgrade feature.
Joel Severson | TrustRadius Reviewer


Calabrio ONE

  • Calabrio's scheduling module has room for improvement. I recommend adding options that will allow you to quickly add or delete multiple exceptions for a group or an individual.
  • Calabrio should add an option the will automatically optimize existing breaks and lunches based on the schedule rules and updates to schedules since they were initially published.
  • I'd like to have a feature in Calabrio that will automatically approve or deny employees requests for vacation based on the staffing number and other staff rules that are set.
  • For shift bidding, I'd like to have the option to create several schedule types and have Calabrio create the best coverage based on the available staff and the existing forecast.
  • In my practice, I have found that some reports have stats that should be weighed but are presented as a standard average (arithmetic mean) instead.
  • I'd like to have granular reporting on staff shrinkage that has occurred in the past so that I can use that data for future staff planning.
Nathaniel Brown | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

Calabrio ONE

It was better and more reliable/resilient then both of the products stated above. It is in-house though while the competition was cloud-based. Both of the platforms mentioned above had more problems and more failed screens then Calabrio.
Usama Ahmed | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

Calabrio ONE

  • Negative: I've had to create more workarounds and scheduling seems to be more time consuming. However, it has had a positive effect in that some processes have been improved because of the workarounds.
  • Positive: Our former WFM software was not upgraded regularly. We have planned upgrade(s) for Calabrio. I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements made with the newer version.
  • Positive: Calabrio's customer service has been a plus. I believe they listen to what their customers are saying, even when it may be painful, and seem to always be striving to improve their product, and maintain good customer service.
Gaye Stone | TrustRadius Reviewer


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Calabrio ONE


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