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Crelate Talent

Crelate is wonderful if you just want basic candidate tracking. It does everything it needs to do on that front - let you track the stages the candidate is in, have their resume and contact info ready, as well as their current position. The extension that allows you to mine from LinkedIn is also very handy and I use it daily. It works very well. You can easily add candidates to open opportunities and if you are organized, Crelate can be really helpful. If you don't want to put in a lot of the legwork, Crelate may not be for you. There is a lot of manual work that you must do to make Crelate functional - all tagging, any information that doesn't come in through the resume or LinkedIn (and you have to double check because, like with anything, there are sometimes errors in the import). It's not a very streamlined platform and not intuitive. But as I said, if you need a basic ATS, it'll do the job.
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Feature Rating Comparison

Recruiting / ATS

Crelate Talent
Job Requisition Management
Crelate Talent
Company Website Posting
Crelate Talent
Publish to Social Media
Crelate Talent
Job Search Site Posting
Crelate Talent
Customized Application Form
Crelate Talent
Resume Management
Crelate Talent
Duplicate Candidate Prevention
Crelate Talent
Candidate Search
Crelate Talent
Applicant Tracking
Crelate Talent
Crelate Talent
Task Creation and Delegation
Crelate Talent
Email Templates
Crelate Talent
User Permissions
Crelate Talent
Notifications and Alerts
Crelate Talent
Crelate Talent


  • The way that all the information about a candidate is readily available at the top of their profile is great and very helpful
  • The amount of filters you can use to sort through candidates is really useful
  • The Crelate team is really responsive to inquiries and suggestions
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  • Interface isn't great - there's a lot of clicking around required that I wish was streamlined
  • This isn't a self-explanatory platform - you have to dig around a while before you figure out how to use some features, like the filtering of contacts, for example. There's a place that you'd think you filter, but that actually changes the contacts list instead.
  • It often crashes and you have to sign out and sign back in for it to work again.
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Likelihood to Renew

Crelate Talent7.0
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It works, but not sure that it's the best/we might try out alternatives first.
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Alternatives Considered

  • Easier to use, modern, supports drag and drop. Easy to set up and use. Fewer keystrokes
  • better support than zoho, not as good (but getting there) as PCR
  • Crelate is a smaller company, nimble and has ear of the customer
  • LIke ability to click and dial!
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Return on Investment

  • Can more easily organize our candidates and we have a lot of info at our fingertips - this translates to quicker processes which is positive
  • We keep all our notes on Crelate - very useful for the whole team to see
  • We have multiple team members scheduling so it really helps to see all the emails that have gone out, to ensure there's no overlap
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Crelate Talent

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