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Score 8.8 out of 100

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IntelliJ WebStorm

WebStorm is a great product for programming and development. It has all the capabilities needed for education, as well as for professional deployment. I use it in the classroom with my students, who benefit from the comprehensive drop down menus and the integrated spell check. It also has a clean user interface that allows for customization.
Sarah Ciras Rousseau | TrustRadius Reviewer


IntelliJ WebStorm

  • Angular development - built-in support for tslint allows your team to code to a single standard.
  • NodeJs testing - Mocha and Chai testing is a breeze for my Node unit tests.
  • Emmet support for HTML makes for speedy prototyping.
  • The file difference utilities are some of the best I've used for my Github merge conflicts. They are really focused around source control conflict scenarios instead of the "can be used for" mentality of other IDEs.
Tim Hardy | TrustRadius Reviewer


IntelliJ WebStorm

  • The auto-complete feature is the worst/weakest thing about WebStorm. It definitely works very much like other editors (not bad when compared to other editors), but I expected more intelligence.
  • It does not natively supports many frameworks (like mocha if I remember correctly), which is okay because obviously they cannot support everything, and you have the option to install the library-support. But the auto-complete/function-definition is very bad. The library-support only adds method calls from the "TypeScript" version. E.g. if a method abc() is defined in a library, but the typescript version that WebStorm downloaded does not have that method, it shows a warning. I would like WebStorm to scan my node_modules and use method-signatures from there instead of typescript signatures.
  • The profile exporter will only export language settings. However I would like WebStorm to also export other settings such as right-margin length and any other setting that I might change. In-fact I would like the profile to be version-controlled locally so that I can keep track of what changes I made over the time period.
Rahul Chaudhary | TrustRadius Reviewer


IntelliJ WebStorm

IntelliJ WebStorm 8.7
Based on 7 answers
I gave this rating because I have never needed their customer support, which is the highest level of support I suppose. When a product works just fine out of the box and everything you may need is well documented, it's a paradise for the customer. But I've seen some questions asked on their portal, and I've seen thorough answers given to the questions and the willingness to support the customer with follow-ups and everything else.
Hayk Baghdasaryan | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

IntelliJ WebStorm

IntelliJ WebStorm in comparison with Visual Studio Code:
  • More features.
  • A richer set of refactoring capabilities.
  • Always supporting new features in Web frameworks.
  • More expensive.
  • A very responsive company with great support, as supposed to a model in Visual Studio Code where most of the support is through a community. IntelliJ WebStorm has both a company and community support.
  • IntelliJ enjoys great reputation among developers.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

IntelliJ WebStorm

  • Saves lot of time when we are finding the text or files.
  • Easy to work with for support projects.
  • Nice code completion feature.
  • It's all in one solution for both front end, back end and database solution to work with.
  • Initial learning curve is required to use the workbench.
  • Documentation can be improved better probably adding videos, would be helpful for visual person.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

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IntelliJ WebStorm


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